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  1. Yes, I should try and take them, but it seems kinda complicated. Do you have any guide/can you refer me to any good information on how to take flats? Will install that updated StarTools version, thanks for letting me know!
  2. Hi, trying to process some M45 data. It's 2hr and 47 min approximately, taken with unmodded 550D, star adventurer, in a bortle 8. I'm processing in StarTools, if that helps. So, is this amp glow? How do I get rid of it? If also someone wants to have a go at my data, let me know!
  3. I just sold my 6 incher to get the sky watcher star adventurer, so I guess that isn't an option anymore. Was looking more into the astrophotography side, but maybe I can borrow a frac from some friends, never know. CS
  4. Somewhere in the middle of Spain... not bortle 1 but I guess that with the altitude of the place its better than a standard bortle 2
  5. Just trying to figure out some targets for my next dark sky trip, feel free to enter targets from either hemisphere. Clear skies!
  6. I believe they have found phosphine in the venusian clouds. And phosphine can only be created by scientists or by living micro-organisms that live in oxygen-free environment. Sounds quite interesting
  7. One of my most recent astro pic: M31 Bare in mind, I'm a complete novice in AP, just know the basics, and most of my processing comes out of guides on the internet. This was about 1hrs and 7 min total integration made out of 45x90". Under bottle 5 skies. ISO 800 at 250mm f6.3 I think. 15 bias and 7 darks were taken, couldn't take more due to battery dying Edited with PS, any advice is appreciated clear skies!
  8. Hi Thanks for the info you provide. I think I will be getting it. It will be an improvement from my other crappy lens. I've heard prime lenses are better than zoom ones. Thanks for your reply and help, Clear skies!
  9. [Didnt know where to put this, mods feel free to move this to another section :)] Does anybody have any experience with the lens? Is it a good lens for astro? Can get one at a good price (35€) second hand, in theory mint condition, but has been used. Any advice is hugely appreciated. Thanks and clear skies!
  10. Yeah, temperature was running quite hot, about 41 degrees, checked with magic lantern. Thank you very much for the subs, they're really helpful. Clear skies and keep up the great work!
  11. Thank you for your comments, I installed PS today and it does look much more powerful, looking forward to install some plugins too, as I've heard they make wonders. You're right, cloudy nights dont come quite often, although the main problem for me is the LP, another problem is dew, I have to check it every 10 -15 min, and I found this out by experience (had to throw away 60 x 1.5 minutes lights) Clear skies!
  12. I've installed PS and definitely will give it another shot later today because it does look cloudy. I've been toying around with it for a while and its definitely more powerful than GIMP. Thanks for the comments.
  13. Wow, this shows how much I have left to learn in post processing. Amazing results man!
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