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  1. After being disappointed with the fact that clip ins dont work with efs lenses, I've been searching the second hand marked and I've found a Super Takumar 135mm for 65€. So is this a good deal? It looks new on the photos, no fungus or anything. And will it fit an svbony uhc clip in? Thanks for your time and clear skies!
  2. Great results! I'm looking forward to do something similar from my location. May I ask in what level of LP did you take it? Again, amazing image! Clear skies, S
  3. Right? I knew I was seeing at least something red . Yeah, I guess I'll eventually need to change my camera, like Olly said, its 9 years old. But for right now I'm thinking of getting a better lens, I.e a proper telescope. Yeah, I can see something of the Witch Head nebula, as well as the Horsehead and flame nebula. How have you processed the image? I really like it. Did you follow any guide or was it just tinkering around? Also, that software you mention, Canon Banding Reduction, is it a PS plug in? If so, where can I find it? Thank you very much and clear skies,
  4. Haha, yes, I hope. But it seems like I've been taking one step forward, and three steps backwards . I have been looking at some rokinon/samyang lenses, but I'm thinking of getting a proper scope, something like the existing 72 ED. Just wondering if It'll fit the clip in filter . And I will definitely check focus every 5-10 frames, just to be sure. Thanks Olly, S
  5. So I guess I should look into getting my camera modified. Or well, till then I can image galaxies and other stuff, as they don't 'peak' in Ha. Regarding the focus, I normally just point to the brightest star and make it look the smallest I can at 10x zoom on the LCD. Still, I am printing a Bahtinov mask that will help me achieve that perfect focus hahaha. Damn, all those images make me feel even worse for wasting such a trip . At least I learnt a bunch of things. Will look into the Nifty Fifty, but, do you think it would be an error to get 50mm lenses from other 'white' brand
  6. Yes! there was actually a village behind the mountain, but I believe the 'arc' is actually just clouds, as they can be seen to on the right of the image.
  7. Hi, Yes, I didn't mean that stellar "cloud", I meant what appears to be Barnard's Loop in your image, but I think it's just me overthinking it and 'seeing' what isn't really there haha. That image though, the one you've superimosed... breathtaking. Really. I was kinda hoping for something like that (not exactly like that obviously). I mean that I was hoping to at least get 'some' red. Now I just feel like an idiot for driving 2 hours and sitting in the cold for just a few landscape shots :/. So what do you think is the problem? Is it the camera or the lens? I have seen some len
  8. Hi Olly First of all thank you for taking the time to process and to tinker with the file. Much appreciated. I also thought that my camera and lens wouldn't be perfect and well, I just decided to go with it. Its quite saddening that my dslr is blocking so much Ha. But I wanted to ask you why in this landscape shot there is more "red". I dont know if it's me but I can kind of see Barnard's loop. The image has been put through editing, I can also attach the raw camera-from file. So I guess i dont have anything to do, because I'm guessing that i couldnt have done anything be
  9. Hi, I linked the wrong file, sorry, correct file is now linked at top. And another thing I noticed is that the stack that DSS produced is quite bright (I can clearly see the main stars in orion, as well as m42), is that to be expected? I normally always have quite dark stacks, but this is my first time imaging from a proper dark sky, so who knows
  10. Hi everyone, After lockdown we decided to go to a proper dark sky place and image, of course, the orion constellation. So we finally arrived to a Bortle 3 sky, maybe even 2. There was a thin layer of clouds, albeit not enough to stop us from imaging hehe. Equipement used was a stock canon 550D, a sky watcher star adventurer, kit 18-55mm lens, cheap tripod, NINA and well, thats it. Unfortunately, both of my batteries died quickly, so I couldn't take ANY calibration frames, although, I do have some dark frames from other days, as well ass some bias. Total stack is about an ho
  11. Yes, I should try and take them, but it seems kinda complicated. Do you have any guide/can you refer me to any good information on how to take flats? Will install that updated StarTools version, thanks for letting me know!
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