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  1. Hiya, newbie so sorry if the questions have already been asked beforehand. I've been looking at trying out some eyepieces and wondered how the BST performs in a f4.7 dob? (Scope is a dob 250px) I currently have ES 8.8 82° and 20mm, 26mm 62° from ES with a focal extender x2, i have heard some good comments about the BST and was looking at getting a high power EP (5mm) - who better to ask than those using it? They really don't seem all that different than the ES 62° series, except the price is double for ES Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie but thought i would add my contribution. Supply is low at the minute, i ordered a Skywatcher 10" truss dob and the order has been on hold for around 8 weeks - if you're in a rush you might be disappointed. Supposedly there is a shipment coming in early July, but then i imagine there is a back log. Everyone has different tastes, it really depends on what you wasnt to view or photograph. I like you wanted to review what was out there and the scope is one half of the optical system, the EPs are a source of ever changing information. I had a set of old meade Plössls but the eye relief was a bit to be desired at higher magnification so traded them in. There is an absolute wealth of information out there immerse yourself in it and you will certainly learn a thing or two - i'm planning on making my own light shroud, thanks to some posts I came across. I tend to read a few sources to get a measure of equipment, not only that, some equipment is better suited to different skills and challenges. Good luck! Michael
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