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  1. Received the Black-Cat from FLO on Tuesday, quiet happy with it so far. The instructions could do with a little tweaking as there were a couple areas that took a little longer to get right . The only issues I have found so far are; The large gear may be a little small as I have had to loosen the gear as it was causing warping of the rubber, but this was resolved by loosing it enough so its tight enough to rotate the focuser but not so tight, this was mentioned in the guide. With the large gear only being teethed on one half I run out of teeth before max outward travel, it remains to be seen if this will be an issue in the field but if there was one bit of feedback to give the manufacturer it would be to make it so the teeth extend to about 75% of the whole gear rather than 50%. Maddie
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    My Gear

  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for that, My previous setup on my old CG5 mount it was attached to my Orion 80mm guide scope/cam but this added a lot of weight to the back of the scope and with it being back heavy due to the mirror I'm trying reduce back weight. I was thinking of swapping out the 80mm guide scope for a smaller one that will fit into the finder scope shoe or maybe go with a off-axis guider instead and mount the Asiair under the dovetail bar at the front reducing the mount of movement and for balancing. Maddie
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have just received my EQ6-R PRO and my AsiAir Pro I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on best mounting position. I would rather mount it on the mount itself so it doesn't interfere with balance of the scope/camera's, I have found the place below, so was just wondering if anyone else has tried mounting one there.
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    From the album: The Planets

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    The Planets

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    moon-final (2).jpg

    From the album: Moon

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    Orion Nebula

    From the album: Nebula

    First attempt.
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    Orange Moon

    From the album: Moon

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    From the album: Moon

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    From the album: The Planets

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