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  1. Anyone got their hands on one of these yet? for instance: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/stellalyra-eyepieces/stellalyra-25mm-125-kitakaru-rpl-eyepiece.html
  2. They would be unlikely to. They sell packages with mediocre elements so that you buy better stuff later on.
  3. I don't know when it was originally released. All I know is that the maks have been called Skymax for many years. I picked up a used one last year, on a AZ Goto. Black tube with white ends, with a proper finder (albeit not very good) mounted via a white finder holder. The tube bears the legend "Schott glass", which always makes it sound broken to me!
  4. I'm confused by this. Hasn't the 127 Mak always been called Skymax?
  5. The OTA's are identical as far as I know. The AZ-GTi is generally very highly regarded, but you'll want to upgrade the tripod at some pooint. I picked up a used 127 on the old AZ GOTO mount earlier this year and the tripod is a bit naff. It's also difficult to change the tripod because of the unique bowl of the GOTO / SLT mounts, although I've seen it done.
  6. Hi Andy, The information at this website seems to suggest that yes, you can upgrade to a syncscan handset: http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_telescopes-sky-watcher-mountings/eq6_syntrek_deluxe_super_heavy_duty_equatorial_mount.html
  7. I was compiling my Xmas wish list last week and put the Celestron StarSense for Sky-Watcher mounts on it. I didn’t really expect my wife to spend £249 on a Xmas prezzie, but I thought nothing ventured and all that. She clicked on the link today and pointed out that the price there is now £399. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/celestron-starsense-accessory-for-sky-watcher-mounts.html
  8. This is why FLO gets such positive comments. Excellent customer service.
  9. Hi Jimmy, Did you get one? How’s it working out? I have the same scope and mount and would like to add a starsense.
  10. So, I had first (and second) light with my new BST StarGuider 8mm this week. I’m very happy with it. Draws out lovely surface detail on Mars and, last night, I’m fairly confident that I could discern the polar ice cap. First light was actually on Thursday where I took my setup to a new friend’s place. He let me try out his atmospheric dispersion corrector with it which really did yield a very sweet view. So guess what’s been added to my Xmas list!
  11. If was still cheaper than anywhere else. Had first light with it yesterday. Very pleased with it.
  12. Gnomes fixed to the top of your fence posts.
  13. Fair point. What about an imitation of Michaelango’s ‘David’?
  14. What’s his compass position in relation to you? Looking again at your photo, it strikes me that a solid fence would give some protection. Alternatively, without using leylandii, you could do something with bamboo fencing and clever planting.
  15. Erect a large screen between your gardens. Have your side painted black, whilst the side facing your neighbour is painted in reflective or/and luminous paint bearing a vast phallus.
  16. My eyepiece arrived today reasonably well -packaged jiffy. It should have been signed for, but it was just posted through the letter box. I’m pleased with my purchase, that’s for sure. Just need something to look at now!!
  17. Hi @calummac I think it’s generally felt that the stock 10mm eyepiece that Sky-Watcher supplies is pretty poor, so you might want to consider getting a better quality mid-range magnification eyepiece.
  18. Ooooh Aaaaahhh oooooohhh. aaaaaahhhhhhh <looks at sky> Ah.
  19. What about the Angles? I understand they can be quite rude, if over 90 degs.
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