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  1. Ahh similar latitude - is that naked eye or only through bins at 10:30?
  2. Its about an hour round trip. Either a beer and scope in the garden, or head on out for round 2 of Neowise Thanks Nicolas, very useful to know
  3. Looks possible then! I'm right on the South coast - not sure though if that hinders or helps me
  4. How soon after sunset are people seeing Neowise? Unfortunately I have to drive a way just to catch a glimpse (surrounded by hills) - from 10:30pm it'll be too clouded over..... but if its possible to still see in binoculars or capture on camera from just after a sunset at 9:30pm I'd head out again. Anyone seeing it this early and this soon after sunset?
  5. Tired today, but so worth it First attempts at dslr AP. I think the bug has hit me
  6. Just back for my jaunt out to low horizons and darker skies - and after a failed attempt last Sunday night, I finally got my first look at Comet Neowise - she's definately a beauty! My eyes probably aren't the best but I struggled to see naked eyed, but in binoculars the head, the tail... all so impressive. My first dslr outing too which only arrive at the weekend - and picked up a 250mm lens this morning just for special the occassion. Just arrived home at 2am to notice Cassiopia and Pegasus just peaking above some tall trees in the neighbouring garden - which to me means one thing....it was too late to drag the scope out but got a great view of Andromeda through the binoculars even with the glare of the moon. Double whammy
  7. Really amazing images! Very jealous of the dark skies you have there. Most of the UK have been under a never-ending conveyor belt of clouds for most of the week, but fingers crossed we'll get a chance tomorrow night
  8. Thinking out loud on this one...... If I want to turn the AZ GTi in to an EQ mount - although the Star Adventurer wedge is one way to go - is it possible to simply use a tripod head with an adjustable angle (I assume to 45 degrees) to give the same effect? Something like this ...... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Manfrotto-804RC2-Basic-Quick-Release/dp/B000K86664 ?
  9. Has anyone seen any updates as to it's current mag - and any current projections for the coming weeks?
  10. Actually in both cases I was only using the dslr (not with a telescope connected). I am new to this and still learning, but was the aperture quoted correctly here?
  11. Looks good for a back garden setup, but I'm going to be travelling to dark sky areas with this - and need to travel as light as I can
  12. Thanks for the reply - I'll give it a go
  13. It doesn't look bad, but my android phone isn't on the list of compatible devices, plus I would need the cable as my dslr isn't wifi enabled - plus I'm not sure DSLR Controller over-rides the settings of your camera (like Magic Lantern does), or simply gives you the same controls your dslr gives you - but on a mobile format (?) Magic Lantern seems to override the live mode exposure restriction .....and adds an intravalometer which is a bonus.....and although free, it apparently doesn't come risk free. My dslr is well outside warranty, but equally I don't want to ruin it. For astro this must be a bug-bear for many (as I can't manually focus in live view if I can't see the stars), and just wondered how others were getting around it.
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