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  1. Wanted a Vixen ED or SD 103S refractor in excellent condition optically and mechanicaly Please let me know details if you have one to sell Good price payable for the right scope John
  2. Problem solved And it was in my possession all of the time, but I hadn't thought to use it. The little 1.6 W.O. barlow, sitting in my binoviewer box, screwed into the end of the bino!! I'd tried various extension tubes but all obviously too long. I had in mind that I needed much more focus draw than actually required. Thanks to everyone for your help. The forum is a great source of knowledge and assistance. cheers John
  3. Thanks Rob I think that Ihave a 2” Barlow tucked away somewhere. I’ll see if that works cheers John
  4. I’ll put in a question to Williams in the USA to try and obtain more info John
  5. Here are some pics I tried different focus lengths but to no avail. I will try the GPC route to see if That is my solution many thanks for all the helpful suggestions John
  6. I just simply assumed that it would be ok with my Megrez 72 but didn’t seem to work
  7. I have the W.O. Version , cost me £50, and at that price I thought “ nothing to lose” John
  8. I'm not totally hung up on the matter of binoviewers. It's just that a bought a pair out of interest from Ian King when he was shutting up shop last year, because I wanted to experience the difference in use, but not yet been able to make them function, and was curious about the critical factors to take regard of when choosing my next scope.
  9. I have a Skytee 2 and an AZ5. My concern about weight is more to do with lifting capability. Whilst manageable now, I'm trying to look ahead a year or two where I may not be so capable of lifting heavier weights.
  10. Stu thanks for your comments. That is indeed one of the scopes that I've been looking at, but I felt was perhaps a little too heavy. Ideally I would like to try and keep the OTA weight down to no more than 5 kilos if possible.
  11. ".......and preferably prism over dialectric" for my education what is the difference? John
  12. Thanks Vlaiv So is it then just a matter of asking the question at the point of scope selection, are they bino friendly or not? John
  13. I have spent many hours reading through some very entertaining, interesting and very informative topics throughout the forum over the past few months. This novice has learned an awful lot from this. I love the banter between some obviously good friends. I am aiming some time soon to acquire a 4"/5" doublet apo refractor (if there are any actually left in stock) when I finally decide which to go for. One aspect that puzzles me in reading of the benefits of binoviewing is that some refractor descriptions describe them as being bino ready/friendly. What makes some more readily bino friendly than others? Is it the size of the focuser, availability of focus extensions? or am I misunderstanding something. Are all refractors capable of being used with binos as well as eyepieces? I would welcome your advice John
  14. Thanks to all for the great welcome cheers John
  15. Hi SGL I've recently joined the Lounge although I've been soaking up knowledge by reading through many topics and postings for some time. I've also been admiring the many fabulous setups that are on show throughout the forums. I'm a new old boy (late 70's) to this hobby, although I've been generally interested in looking at the sky for many years. I bought a new WO Megrez 72 some 10 years ago, together with a WO zoom eyepiece and a 3mm SPL, which I used on a Manfrotto tripod for both terrestrial and the night sky viewing. I'm purely visual with zero interest in computer imaging. I decided earlier this year, start of lockdown, to devote more time to this hobby, and invested in some new additional equipment, I must say with some mixed results. I bought a new SW SkyMax 150, a set of Hyperion eyepieces, and a SkyTee2 (manual altaz preferred). I didn't get the results that I expected from the SkyMax probably due to my local seeing conditions, and returned it. Kept the eyepieces, as a wearer of specs and a long time camera user, the long eye relief 20mm is a critical factor for me. It doesn't matter how good the eyepieces are if you can't see through them properly! I thought that they would be a decent standard of eyepiece for whatever I chose to replace the Mak. The SkyTee is now back with FLO for repair/replacment under warranty after a few weeks use, poor agricultural quality. I think that I might to uprate this sooner rather than later After my foray into new territory with the Mak, I've decided that my preference is to stay with a frac ( I'm a fan of sit down viewing), so I am now looking out for a decent 4" frac doublet apo Simplicity, comfort, enjoyment and ease of use of equipment are most important factors cheers John
  16. Hi omo Thanks for your reply. Apologies for my 1st post not being a proper forum introduction, but I had been keeping my eyes open for a Vixen in particular, to update my old Megrez 72, and plunged in before making my intro. Good luck with your sale, and keep me in mind if you have no joy elsewhere. cheers John
  17. Hi omo If you have any more flexibility on price, then I would be interested in your Vixen scope. I have a budget of £750 for purchase, plus courier costs, as I live too far away to consider collection. As I understand the offer I would need to purchase separately a diagonal plus a finder, to bring it back to the original basic spec.? For your information, DPD will not carry telescopes. Perhaps UPS would be a better alternative carrier. Please let me know if my budget could meet your expectations. reagrds John
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