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  1. Wanted a Vixen ED or SD 103S refractor in excellent condition optically and mechanicaly Please let me know details if you have one to sell Good price payable for the right scope John
  2. Problem solved And it was in my possession all of the time, but I hadn't thought to use it. The little 1.6 W.O. barlow, sitting in my binoviewer box, screwed into the end of the bino!! I'd tried various extension tubes but all obviously too long. I had in mind that I needed much more focus draw than actually required. Thanks to everyone for your help. The forum is a great source of knowledge and assistance. cheers John
  3. Thanks Rob I think that Ihave a 2” Barlow tucked away somewhere. I’ll see if that works cheers John
  4. I’ll put in a question to Williams in the USA to try and obtain more info John
  5. Here are some pics I tried different focus lengths but to no avail. I will try the GPC route to see if That is my solution many thanks for all the helpful suggestions John
  6. I just simply assumed that it would be ok with my Megrez 72 but didn’t seem to work
  7. I have the W.O. Version , cost me £50, and at that price I thought “ nothing to lose” John
  8. I'm not totally hung up on the matter of binoviewers. It's just that a bought a pair out of interest from Ian King when he was shutting up shop last year, because I wanted to experience the difference in use, but not yet been able to make them function, and was curious about the critical factors to take regard of when choosing my next scope.
  9. I have a Skytee 2 and an AZ5. My concern about weight is more to do with lifting capability. Whilst manageable now, I'm trying to look ahead a year or two where I may not be so capable of lifting heavier weights.
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