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  1. For sale skywatcher skymax 127 on az4 2 mount with stainless steel legs. 127mm diameter, f1500. Optics and collimation are excellent. The az Mount is really easy to use and very sturdy. works well even at high magnification with with the included 6mm eyepiece at 250x ... Great views of Mars at opposition at the moment. Comes with new skywatcher red dot finderscope, brand new high quality Takahashi 1.25 prism diagonal, new tmb II 6mm super wide angle planetary eyepiece and new skywatcher ultra wide angle 20mm eyepiece. Excellent lunar/ planetary telescope that also works well on the brighte
  2. Wanted 32mm plossl. Cash waiting. Cheers Dave.
  3. Wanted 5" dew shield for maksutov. Cash waiting. Cheers Dave.
  4. Hi Robyn I'd like to purchase the az4 mount, I'm new on here so dont know how to PM, if you dont mind could you PM me please about it. Cheers Dave.
  5. Wanted az4 with stainless steel mount. ( or any az mount that will easily take a 100ed).Cash waiting. Cheers Dave.
  6. *sold*For sale Skywatcher az5 mount plus black aluminium tripod, extension pillar and L bracket. Excellent condition with both long and short slow motion controls and accessory tray Local pickup or can post out, I'll have to check the postage price. £125. Cheers Dave.
  7. Hi pal its sale pending at the moment but if anything changes later I'll let you know and give you first refusal. Cheers Dave.
  8. Hi pal, yes I'd consider selling them both. Ill just add that theres no caps with them but the diagonal is foam boxed and optics on both are great. I only bought them last week off here but they're too heavy for my current ed100 az5 setup.. it was borderline before lol, I payed 55 for the eyepeice delivered and 50 for the diagonal plus another 10 for the adapter. I'd do the lot for 100 pounds delivered pal. Cheers Dave.
  9. *sold*Star wave all metal red dot finder with 4 switchable reticles.excellent condition, new battery.swap/ sale for lighter plastic rdf finder. Reducing weight of my system. Swap or sell for £25. https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-red-dot-finder-kit-rdf-with-universal-bracket-stalk-all-metal-2520-p.asp Cheers Dave.
  10. Swap bresser 2" 25mm wide angle 70 degree fov in vic, for similar 1.25" 25mm. Trying to reduce the overall weight of my setup. Cheers Dave.
  11. Swap revelation 2" 99% dialectric diagonal for same quality 1.25". Its in really good condition and comes with 2" to 1.25 inch adapter. I know the 2" diagonals are generally more expensive but desperately need to reduce the weight of my setup at the moment. Cheers Dave.
  12. Wanted skywatcher 3/8 stainless steel tripod or pillar style mount that fits az5 head . Cash waiting. Cheers Dave.
  13. Wanted skywatcher az4 with stainless steel tripod. Will trade/ swap my skywatcher lightweight az5 deluxe mount with a set of both long and short slo mo controls, L bracket ,black aluminium legs and accessory tray plus pillar extension mount .in great condition, or will purchase with cash waiting. Pics to follow. Cheers Dave.
  14. Hi all, I'm after 2" 20 or 25mm eyepiece. Cash waiting. Cheers Dave.
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