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  1. Thanks for such a detailed reply Chris. Seeing your image and the way you did it, I think now I have got a decent idea to be able to do this. I own a 8" dobsonian and have tried getting a decent image for long. The sky is not clear since a week here in the UK but hope it clears soon. Thanks again, Regards Harsh
  2. Amazing!! What smartphone adapter do you use? And did you record a video and then process it?
  3. want a tele vue 2.5x/1.25" powermate. Also any good 4-5 mm eye piece
  4. Hi I have the same telescope. I am interested in the cheshire and laser collimator. Could you please tell me their brand? Thanks Regards, Harsh
  5. Thank you guys for taking the time to reply. @JohnBear and @Ricochet @Ricochet : I meant turning the knob- in the picture the knob which is circled. After reading your post, I found that the thumbscrew was engaged ( the one with the arrow pointed at it in the picture) and after unengaging it my draw tube moves in and out. I could focus it at something now during the daytime- will have to check whether I could see anything in the night.
  6. Hello guys. I have recently purchased a skywatcher 200p dobs and I am an absolutely newbie in astronomy. Had it out couple of times and could see the star studded sky but suddenly it has stopped showing anything. It happened suddenly as I was focusing with the focuser. Since then I haven't seen anything with both the supplied eyepiece (9mm and 25mm) . Few times I could see an image like the one attached when I was rotating my focuser. I haven't yet collimated my scope. Any ideas what sort of problem it is?? I tried tonight as well but no view . Please help.
  7. Thanks! That is what I have said to them. The scope is so unstable without those.
  8. Hi all I purchased a skywatcher 200p dobsonion from first light optics a few weeks back. During assembly I found that the package containing side handle and the tension control handle is missing. I have contacted the first light optics but they are not sure when and how they are going to make it available for me. Does anyone of you have these to spare??
  9. Thank you all for such a prompt reply!!! Unfortunately, my telescope package does not contain tension control handle. Have notified first optics and waiting to hear from them.
  10. I have just bought a 200p skywatcher classic dobsonion and while setting it up that the finder scope (9×50) of this also shows you an upside down image. Just wanted to confirm is this normal or some aberration in my case. Please help
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