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  1. Thanks for your reply that would be a great idea and I think a lot of buyers would appreciate that.
  2. Rother valley optics horizon line of refractors come with a test certificate you would think you would at least get a copy of the original test of your telescope after all you paid for it.
  3. Hi everyone bought my Skywatcher 80ed esprit Pro Refractor after many delays Refractor cames with no es Reid certification which I paid £75 for in the included purchase price. I BOUGHT FROM FLO emailed them weres mycertificate for my telescope no reply the same day I am nothappy with their service and will return the telescope for a full refund if no reply.
  4. just wondering if triplet in theory better then i will buy that scope but in practice things might change.
  5. Thanks for the replys whats the best way to put a starsense as well as a guidescope on the skywatcher as i would buy one seems lack of mounts the problem?
  6. Hi i am looking to buy my next refractor telescope but cant decide between skywatcher 80 spirit or rvo 72ed horizon has any members bought these 2 refractors to tell me the pros n cons of each refractor thanks.
  7. Yes the 2" will fit with the celestron diagonal which screws onto the sct thread.
  8. Celestron c8 xlt schmidt cassegrain telescope in mint condition with original box,finderscope,diagonal, manuals and Celestron 25mm eyepiece. £700 5 months old
  9. Hi after receiving my Skywatcher 72ed pro flattener I couldn't get prime focus.I contacted the astronomy shop I bought it from and they said Skywatcher have sent faulty batches out with lenses the wrong way around.I wasted most of my holiday trying to find out what was wrong.I ended up on the last 2 days of my holiday when clear skys came around tried a few spaces which cured the problem. I cant believe Skywatcher could let this go out undetected at £185 it isn't cheap.I am now waiting for a replacement at the end of the month least my Svbony spacers bought on ebay a while ago saved t
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