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  1. I'm up for the diagonal, if it's still available, I was looking at tne same one earler today.
  2. Thanks Paul - I was out that evening, mainly to test a new smartphone holder on the telescope, and I took a near-identical photograph. After your post I went back and identified all the features you highlight, first time in 40 years! Great match with the Cambridge atlas photo, my atlas wasn't up to it (much as Iike it - Wood & Collins).
  3. I had a go last Saturday when we had a rare spell of clear weather. First is a single image taken by eyepiece projection (26 mm) through my old 200 mm SCT using the "Night Mode" on my Samsung Galaxy S10. The second is the result of stacking 8 similar images using Deep Sky Stacker and faffed around a bit on the phone's photo editor. I was surprised to pick up blue and red colour, and the trapezium is only just overexposed (effectively the exposure time per shot is 20-30 sec).
  4. It seems to me that planetaries and clusters are well-suited to simple smartphone shots. Here are a few recent ones. Not as good as M27 a while ago (some are very small!) but fun to image them. In order: M76, (Little dumbbell), Caldwell 22 (blue snowball), NGC6826, NGC40. I also reprocessed my old M27 shot, stacking 4 shots and Photoshopping it a bit more on the phone (last shot). All taken with an ancient 8" SCT and a Samsung Galaxy S10.
  5. Yes, my phone was fixed at the eyepiece and the scope tracked via a Heq5-pro mount. I used to do untracked photos of the moon on an old alt-az mount, but this would be stretching it too much for DSO's. Eyepiece projection at x77.
  6. I've tried to image this before, to no avail, but last night the imaging gods were on my side. This is a single shot, with minimal on-phone processing (I will stack and tweak more later, maybe). Amazing what these phones can do - even the pink/red shell is just coming tbrough. Meade LX200 8" SCT (circa 1992) plus Samsung Galaxy S10 in "Night mode" (about 20 s automated exposure).
  7. Not as spectacular as M13 a few nights ago, but comes up nicely with Samsung Galaxy S10 and an 8" SCT. Conditions were a bit iffy.
  8. Hi John - Thanks! The Night mode is a standard feature on the S10 phone. It seems to take extended duration shots for as long as it deems necessary; interestingly, the timing does seem to vary a fair bit, even for the same object. I believe that there are apps that can do this or give you more control.
  9. Hi everyone - Despite moonlight and some haze last night I thought I'd try a speculative shot of M13. 8" SCT on HEQ-5 Pro with Samsung Galaxy S10 in night mode, single shot, no fancy stuff. Came out quite well. I normally photograph the moon; I attach an old shot from that great period of weather back in April-June. The scope was undriven on an old alt-az mount, and the phone hand-held for that one.
  10. Very good indeed - I look forward to seeing more!
  11. It's a lot to post, but might be feasible if you are willing to cover ithe cost. Whereabouts are you? I've got friends from Birmingham coming soon who might be able to move it in that direction?
  12. It's off to the tip if nobody can find a use for any of its parts ...?
  13. Hi Dan - if you mean the spreader bar in the tripod, yes. A little bit of rust but fine. Photo of base unit, fork and (some) tripod attached.
  14. The dec motor recently failed on my ancient LX200 Classic fork mount (8" SCT) after 28 years so I finally got a new GEM. Anyone want the old fork mount for parts etc? No charge. Collect only, East Sussex.
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