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  1. Nice one! That photograph is way more difficult, you have to be extremely precise!
  2. Hi! I'm Fran Not so long ago I took a picture of the ISS I never thought I was going to be able to get with the equipment I have. After saving for a long time, I was able to buy my first scope, an OTA Skywatcher 200P. I adapted it to be used in a dobsonian base because it was the cheapest way I had to get it to work. One night, I thought it might be cool to try to aim and record with my phone an ISS pass overhead. During the first attempt, I messed up the focus extremely bad but you can't imagine how happy I was to get a white blob in a frame that only I knew was the ISS.
  3. The mount is done! Many things have changed. I found in a local marketplace someone who sold a dob mount for the sw250p for REALLY cheap (around 40usd). After asking for some measurements it was perfect for me! As my scope had the tube rings included, I just had to adapt them to he mount. I designed the 2 parts cut them out of plywood, and painted them. Here comes the interesting part: the altitude side bearings. As I couldnt get ebonystar or formica anywhere, I designed and 3D printed 2 PLA sleeves that cover the bearing surface. I printed a set of fla
  4. I bought just the tube without mount (It's being shipped ), and thankfully it comes with the rings. This will make my job much easier and it will look nicer in my opinion. I've been reading that guide and it is extremely helpful. After your advice I modified the diameter of the bearings, it's larger now. It even looks better. Regarding the bearing surfaces, thankfully I asked a friend of mine if he knew where I could buy some Teflon to build it. It turns out he had a piece of 5 mm sheet of Teflon lying around so I wont have to experiment or order pieces online to get the bearing
  5. Thank you! For sure those sites are going to be useful
  6. Thank you so much! I’ll take into account everything you suggested, specially the height of the thing. It was undersized. Using your suggested measurements and comparing them to the height of my eye while seating, I believe it is spot on. I’ll make sure to post some updates during the build. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I really want to get into watching the night sky. After a looking at the scopes that are available in my country, I chose to buy a SW Explorer 200P (haven't yet) and build a homemade dobsonian base. I really like the aesthetics of the Orion Sky-quest dobsonian bases, so I draw a really similar design to fit the SW scope I want to buy. But while drawing it, I had tons of questions and I hope you can help me. First of all, I just could get some aproximate measures of the parts of the scope out of the internet. If any of you has one of these SW reflectors, I would really appreciat
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