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  1. Thank you Steve for the information, I will look this up.
  2. Yes they both are able to zoom. So The bigger pair I should use on 20x and not the 180x? I will look that book up, thank you.
  3. Hello, I home school my 6 yo and we have started looking at the Solar System in his science lesson. We have two pairs of Binoculars between us (mine are on a tripod) 20x - 180x 100 and the second pair that my son uses are 16 x 50 and also can be mounted on the tripod. We live close to a rail siding which has lights along the fence shining towards the property, but the garden is shielded from direct light from them. What can we expect to view with each pair? In our study (which is in view of siding lights) we have set our computers to a red screen during hours of darkn
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