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  1. ok without meaning to sound horrible i am still relatively new to this and not really sure what that means.. could you or some one please explain in more simple terms, for etc i do not know what f10 is or what sct? actually is.
  2. Rob is the person i have got from! any one else got any comments about it?
  3. they certainly will! could you imagine owning something like that! even just to look through it! being able to see planets trillions of miles away like you were looking at saturn!!!!!!! unbelievable!
  4. Morning all, have been browsing some sites this morning looking for bits and bobs and keep seeing focal reducers. What exactly do they do? and would it worth getting one?
  5. Morning all! i have just bought this Ep: North Star 10.5mm Orthoscopic 1.25" eyepiece and for £17! looking forward to getting it! hopefully get some good views! any one had any experience with theese types of EP?
  6. thanks for the help guys have just bought this ep: North Star 10.5mm Orthoscopic 1.25" eyepiece and for £17! looking forward to getting it! hopefully get some good views!
  7. Just seen this Ep: SkyWatcher LER 20mm Eyepiece 1.25" In an astro boot for £14! is it worth it? or should i spend my money on this instead? North Star 10.5mm Orthoscopic 1.25" eyepiece which i can get for £17? which one would you recommend?
  8. thank you for the advice but i want to steer clear of the vixen ep's, m friend has a set and says the distortion is quite apparent around the edge of the fov. any one else got any comments about the mentioned ep's?
  9. thanks for the reply but it wasnt that one, was a drop down menu of scopes etc?
  10. Evening all, a couple of months ago i asked if some one could tell me what certain things in the sky might look like through my scope and some posted a link to a website that allowed me to enter my scope and ep, it would then show me a skecth of the obhect with the size and brightness i would see it. i think Talitha? any idea what the site is? many thanks
  11. Hi guys am currently lookping at getting new ep and atm is down to one of theese! 1) Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher Ultrawide Eyepieces (6mm to 20mm) or this one? 2)North Star 10.5mm Orthoscopic 1.25" eyepiece which one would you say is the better to have?
  12. Evening all, just browsing through web and came across this! thought you would be interested. I had watched a programme on it recently on the History channel and done some research, looks like it will change EVERYTHING! apparently 10x more detail than the hubble! timesofmalta.com - Plans approved for world's biggest telescope
  13. fantastic advice guys! thank you! i will defiantely be getting one of those! thank you! i think i will opt for the 9mm so i get a nice low power for clusters etc and 200x for planets! thanks again!
  14. thanks for the advice guys! definately going to get one of those!
  15. I have posting around lots to try and get some ideas of what filters are good for me however am not having much luck. To put it simply, i have quite a few street lights around my area, some are the older ones with a orange glow, however some are the new, very bright white ones. My scope is 90mm apature and is a refractor. I am looking for something that will reduce LP and enhance contrast on things like Nebulae and galaxies. Can some help with what would be best and where i can get it? i am looking at spending £20 and will def go second hand! cheers
  16. ok cool! are they not the Ep's that come with sw scopes?
  17. ok will do, but if you can recommend a decent ep for about £20 than i will be interested! any ideas welcome!
  18. evening all, just wondering, found this EP that is at a discount price and thought it looked quite good for the money, do people think it would be good? ScopeTeknix Super Kellner 8mm 1.25" eyepiece Thanks,
  19. Evening all, just wondering, where i live i am getting quite a lot of light pollution atm so want to purchase a new LP filter as i broke my old one! well my dog ate it actually! I am looking for one that will greatly reduce the LP as well as give me a lot higher contrast for galaxies etc.. Any Ideas? i am willing to go second hand if thats possible.
  20. wow, thanks guys that really helps! have just looked on stellarium and think i can find them now! have taken a pic of the screen to help guide me! Also can any one help with a problem i have been having with jupiter. Even when looking at it through a 10mm ep it is soooooooooo bright! and cant make any detail! also i cant seem to focus my scope on it? everything else is fine except jupiter. any ideas?
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