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  1. Thanks. I agree, I’ve been very impressed with them. It’s the reason I got the 13mm TV, as I was looking for something in between also at 82 degrees, and these came up for sale... I didn’t originally intend to get two, but I have a binoviewer and so thought why not, I expect these will be great for the moon too. I will be testing the Nagler zoom when I can and will report back, should give me 133x to 266x on the StellaMira, which is possibly pushing it at 3mm, but at least 6mm, 5mm and 4mm should be usable.
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks, it is indeed and I’m loving that I have so much more yet to see I’m about halfway between Thornbury and Oldbury, so get reasonably dark sky here. I have been able to see M42 easily (that was in my first scope... a Mak 102 at Christmas), M81 and M82 reasonably and even a Comet a few months back (C/19 I think It was), both with an ST120, so am sure I will see loads more. Been spending a good while on the moon recently... love it Gary
  3. Well, I promised a report on the first light with the new StellaMira 80mm ED f/10 Refractor, so here it is... First light with StellaMira 80mm ED f/10 Refractor I will of course report more when I get some more time with it in clear skies
  4. Over in the StellaMira Owners Thread (started by fellow owner @johninderby), I promised a report on the first light with my new StellaMira 80mm ED f/10 refractor, so here goes... bear in mind I am still very much a beginner, but learning fast... The new refractor arrived last Monday from the great team @FLO, and was delivered of course with the usual bundle of clouds Friday night wasn't initially looking too good, so I hadn't really expected to get a look at anything and so just set about watching some late TV with my partner. However, just after midnight I had a look outside and notic
  5. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Very friendly bunch. Enjoy Gary
  6. Turn Left at Orion does indicate whether a target is visible in either moderate telescopes or binoculars, so would be a useful reference... I’ve certainly found it so, and I started with binoculars and still use mine too.
  7. +1 for both Turn Left at Orion and the S&T Pocket Sky Atlas, for beginners. I also found The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer, was very helpful, when I started at Christmas.
  8. Agreed, this is an amazing book. I’ve been working my way through it for the last few weeks. It’s a lifetimes reading
  9. HollyHound

    Hello :)

    Hi Wojtek, welcome to the forum. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. Cheers Gary
  10. TeleVue Zoom 3-6 from @FLO TeleVue DeLite 18.2 in excellent condition from here on the SGL For Sale ads Along with the pair of TeleVue Nagler 13 T6 (also from the ads) that arrived earlier in the week and now in my binoviewer, I’ve gone from no TVs to four in week... is this the slippery slope
  11. Thanks for the information. Looks an interesting mount. I currently have the AZ5 with column on a an EQ5 tripod, which works quite well, but always on the look out for other options. Good luck with the sale
  12. Hi, In advance of the photos, could I ask does this have a dual Vixen/Losmandy saddle ? Thanks Gary
  13. Hi, I went through the same decision a few months back and ended up with these: Skywatcher 9x50 right angle finder Skywatcher red dot finder (came with scope) TelRad Both the red dot and TelRad make it easy to quickly move to a given point in the sky, such as star, planet of the moon, but then being non magnified, they don’t allow one to do “star hopping”... (the act of jumping from a reference star to other (less visible) stars to finally arrive at a hard to locate directly object. The optical right angle (or straight through) finder can be used for “star hoppin
  14. That’s an option, I suppose to be fair to SkyWatcher, a lot of their scopes are mostly white anyway. I know we have this version now, but if anyone does want an all black one, there is this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/astro-essentials-9x50-right-angled-erecting-finderscope.html
  15. Too late, already ordered it... arriving next week. In some sense it matters not one jot what the finder looks like... it’s dark usually anyway However, the current holder is quite heavy and this looks possibly a bit lighter and also more versatile... I do also have a black 6x30 straight through finder which came with the C5 Anyway, heads up, a photo of this might be coming to this very thread next week
  16. It’s the one (minor) issue I had when I popped this finder on the StellaMira, it just looked wrong in white... so many thanks, it now looks like something else I “need” to buy Presumably the SkyWatcher RACI finder body then just fits inside those rings?
  17. Nice, you’ll enjoy that... I have the same, which I’m using to (try and) learn “star hopping”
  18. Well I stayed up and was rewarded with a (mostly) clear sky from 01:30 until 03:00. First light with the StellaMira on Jupiter, Saturn, and Albireo. Initial impression... just wow Will write up more tomorrow sometime... Gary
  19. Well I stayed up and was rewarded with a (mostly) clear sky from 01:30 until 03:00. Jupiter, Saturn, Albireo all achieved with the new refractor Bed now... it’s an early start still
  20. Hi Mick, Looking on the SkySafari app, Jupiter and Saturn should be up at a reasonable altitude within that time window, but the moon unfortunately doesn’t rise until 2am and is possibly still a little low until past 3am. Hopefully the clouds will stay away I’ll try and stay up too, but do have a very early start tomorrow. Enjoy Gary
  21. Hi Khalid, Welcome to the forum. Very friendly place. I’ve just joined myself, so a fellow newbie Gary
  22. Thanks to all for the welcome. I’m really looking forward to participating on here (not just reading) Just need some clear skies again Cheers Gary
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