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  1. 15 minutes ago, Stu said:

    What do you want to use the binoviewers for? If mainly for high power lunar and planetary high power then it will be no problem as a GPC can gain you any additional back focus needed. Personally I still prefer single eyepieces for low and medium power use.

    This is my thinking now too... it’s good to have the option for low power binoviewing, but realistically I’ll stick with single eyepieces for this 🤔

  2. 4 hours ago, Commanderfish said:

    s there any reason to buy a 2" prism over a 2" diagonal when I know I can bring my 2" EPs to focus with a 2" mirror and bring the binoviewers to focus with a 1.25" diagonal?

    I have the same thought... I have the Baader BBHS 2” mirror and prism now, plus the Baader 1.25” prism. It’s very likely I will just use the binoviewer with the 1.25” and swap back to one of the others depending on target (I have Clicklock).

  3. 4 hours ago, Commanderfish said:

    Has anyone managed to bring binoviewers to focus with the DC or DF using a Baader 2" BBHS PRISM?

    Just trying to work out what to replace my diagonal with.

    As it happens, I’ve just taken delivery of this very prism today and as soon as I can get some clear sky, I’ll be checking it with my WO binoviewers on my FC-100DC.

    However, although I did remove that blue section before the focuser, I may be putting that back and just using a Barlow/Focal Extender with the binoviewer. I’ll try both though if I can 👍

  4. 2 hours ago, Helical said:

    Had a quick setup and play and it aligned perfectly with the (filtered) Sun. So far so good!

    I’ve had one of these for a year now and it’s never let me down with alignment... just make sure it’s as level as you can get it and align to one object, then you’re pretty much good to go.

    As you observe you can keep updating the alignment using each new object (align to object), but even with just the initial (single) object align it is eerily accurate 👍

    It is quite heavy (lighter than the AZ100 though), but it’s got good stability and if you make sure the clutch is nice and tight, keep a counterweight on the other side, it will be effortless to use. You can also change eyepieces easily and it will hold.

    For nights when I just want the effortless ease of finding stuff to view (syncs with SkySafari too BTW), it’s fantastic... enjoy 😃

    Here’s mine with the Mak150 I had last summer, just prior to switching on for alignment (and yes the scope is upside down with dewshield on top, as I was letting all the hot air escape out for 30mins before use 🤣).


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  5. 1 hour ago, johninderby said:

    Wow that is expensive. 🙀  The iOptron AZ Mount Pro mount is a lot cheaper and while heavier will be a lot more capable.


    I’ve had the AZ Mount Pro for almost a year, it’s a superb goto Alt Az mount. Very easy to align (it has built in GPS and compass), good payload capacity and dual scope capability. Having a built in rechargeable battery means there is no cable to tangle in use.

    The ScopeTech is still my favourite for grab and go though, and I could see this goto motor kit being useful, but it’s rather an expensive upgrade and might add significant weight too🤔

  6. 5 hours ago, Dantooine said:

    Well I thought I would start with the 14mm as I have read this is the weakest link in the range.

    It may seem like daft logic but really it’s not. If I find it acceptable then the rest will be fine. 

    It’s good logic... admittedly the Morpheus 14 did show quite a lot of field curvature in my StellaMira 80 f/10, about the same as the XW 14, whereas the Delos 14 shows none. 

    Now the Morpheus 17.5 is superb, really lightweight and is excellent in all my scopes, particularly my Mak.

    You really can’t go wrong with Morpheus 👍

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  7. 1 hour ago, godra said:

    This morning I tried to separate these two parts on my FC100DC but I failed. To much resistance...even with help of my friend. It seems to me that these two elements are also glued to each other !?Has anyone else had similar problems?

    I had exactly this issue (read the post directly above yours) and solved it by keeping that silver ring attached and laying it on a table and just gripping both parts and giving it a really solid twist. 

    I think the parts might be stuck due to the black paint they use inside the tube, rather than glue 🤔

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  8. On 28/04/2021 at 01:21, Commanderfish said:

    Just double checked and it definitely is just a matter of unscrewing, just needs sufficient grip, which is easier with the silver ring still screwed on to the OTA. There are definite advantages to shortening the OTA by removing the blue extension tube!

    I’m happy to report that I (finally) managed to unscrew that blue extension... just had to settle it carefully on a large towel, grip the whole tube and silver end ring in one hand and the extension in the other and give it some welly 😬🤣

    Does make the OTA much more flexible now 😃

    Thanks for the advice, it gave me the confidence to keep persevering 👍


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  9. 20 minutes ago, Dantooine said:


    not all of us ..

    but I’ve still looked up a lot more though and spent an astronomical amount as you have 👍

    I know that you’ve been not only exceptionally busy, but doing the most awe inspiring work in the most trying of situations... so I’m very glad to hear that you’ve managed to have something to take you away from that and provide some measure of enjoyable down time 😃👍

    Most of my extra time has come from no longer having to commute and spend weeks away from home on long projects, but actual work time is busy than ever now 😬

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  10. 4 hours ago, Dean Hale said:

    Thanks, too good a price to not give it a try. Good to know it's been very useful too.

    Nice find 👍

    Getting an adjustable observing chair transformed my sessions, whether sitting at the dob or using the refractors 😃

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  11. On 28/04/2021 at 01:21, Commanderfish said:

    Just double checked and it definitely is just a matter of unscrewing, just needs sufficient grip, which is easier with the silver ring still screwed on to the OTA. There are definite advantages to shortening the OTA by removing the blue extension tube!

    No matter how much force I use, even (carefully) tried a pipe wrench, I can’t remove that blue extension... so unfortunately (for now) it will have to stay 😬

    Fortunately, my binoviewer comes easily to focus with the Hyperion 2.2x Barlow (albeit giving x5) and I’ve just received a WO 2x binoviewer Barlow nosepiece. This should be enough for my needs, as I didn’t plan on binoviewing anything other than the moon or planets.

    Strange though that mine seems to be so tight, almost like it’s had glue or paint applied in the screw threads 🤔

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  12. Prior to lockdown, I was working away from home a lot, so had a pair of Nikon 8x56 binoculars which I used when away and before I really got back into astronomy.

    I couldn’t even begin to list what has been purchased since lockdown. Just before lockdown I had an ST80, ST120, Mak102 on a Skywatcher Avant mount and Hyperion Zoom eyepiece.

    The Mak and mount were given to a friend and the ST120 was sold, so everything else in my signature (plus countless finders, adaptors, widgets, books and accessories) has been purchased since lockdown began 😮

    I haven’t added it all up, and some items have been bought then sold and likely a few more will be too, but pretty much everything has been (and will be) enjoyed over many years 👍

    I think lockdown has allowed us more time to look up, and indeed look into more equipment, as we’ve all had a lot more time on our hands 🤣

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