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    From the album: Neil's Astro Album

  2. I'd say at least 3 times brighter than jupiter, about -7 mag, we had a clear sky. The flames on the trail were amazing.
  3. Yes, between Gemini and the Plough.
  4. I saw this. Don't know the exact time, around 5.40pm. Was walking home with my daughter from her school disco. It was the biggest, brightest meteor I've ever seen. It was absolutely amazing, it was just missing the sound effects. I was at 53 degs 2'21.16" N and 2 degs 10'24.32" W at the time and it streaked across quite low in the the crystal clear sky, I'd say about 25 degs up from the horizon, just above the roof tops, travelling North West West and it appeared just right of The Plough. FANTASTIC!
  5. Just noticed there's about 9 slew speeds on the Celestron compared to 3 or 4 on the skywatcher.
  6. So what would you chose, a Celestron NexStar 102SLT for £339 or a Skywatcher Startravel 102 SynScan AZ GOTO for £265? Thanks.
  7. Thank you all for your excellent advice, I'll put forward your recommendations and when /if they make a decision I'll let you know.
  8. Hi, I've been asked to give an equipment proposal for a primary school astronomy club. With a possible budget of min £500 to max £2000 what would you suggest? My thoughts are a computer goto telescope catadioptric design, powerful enough to give impressive views, a range of eyepieces, a cheapy laptop to run Stellerium and perhaps another two other scopes of different style like refractor and reflector dob or EQ mount. So I'm looking at FLO and the range looks like either Celestron or Skywatcher. Any other suggestions? Need some help selecting please!
  9. Well done! It's great to read your dedication and enthusiasm. You never forget your first viewing of the beautiful Saturn. I remember my first time viewing at a 2009 Year of Astronomy open event somewhere around Telford. Using someone else's telescope as I didn't have one, my 3 year old daughter and I viewed Saturn, we were both so excited, I decided I had to buy a scope of my own. Such a magical night.
  10. Hi Derherr, welcome to SGL. You need to ask yourself, is it worth spending a large percentage of the cost of your scope on computer motorised stand or on a large aperture? A lot more fun and satisfaction can be made pointing the scope manually.
  11. Well, I bought a cheshire collimator and lined everything up as best I could, damn fiddly. I installed wxastrocapture and have performed the teflon tape mod thanks to a kind donation from a fellow forum member which I must say has improved focusing a great deal. I let the scope and webcam cool for 1-2 hours, no barlow this time, focused as best I could, captured 3 mins at 10fps (about 1500 frames), played around in registacks and this is all I could manage. Seeing wasn't good. Maybe it's my use of registacks, I'll have another go after plowing through the Registacks Tutorial.
  12. OMG I can't beleive how you've managed to reprocess that original image into those amazing pictures. Awesome.
  13. Is it possible to get long exposures using the feature in wxAstroCapture and the SPC880? I'm not sure the cam is capable without modification. Thanks
  14. April 2011 should be a good time (around midnight) and yes the rings should be open unless I'm mistaken, or December 2010 if you want to get up early (6am), it will be brighter in December.
  15. njs


    Hi Myles, out of interest, what equipment are you using?
  16. This link seems to be broken although it was working yesterday. My Cheshire has just arrived from FLO so was just looking this up again.
  17. Interesting to see the difference an IR filter makes
  18. Much better than my attempts so far. Good detail.
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