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  1. Looking forward to your images with the sharpstar i was torn between that and an esprit 100, i went for the esprit in the end might be here by Christmas
  2. Fantastic image, i love how alot of us have been imaging the same subject so we can compare our efforts with each other
  3. Haha i was going to say put some more stars in to the image with none at all, but after saying take your stars out in a previous post i thought i wouldn't. This image looks perfect now, the details arnt blocked by bloated over bright stars a problem i have in my images. But the stars give added interest as well. Great Job Can't wait for the bloody clouds to go away
  4. Stunning Image and never worry about clogging up the thread with images like this I have to say i love this thread because of how busy it is and seeing peoples progression.
  5. Amazing images, defiantly something i will try next time i can see a star Just got my az-eq6 pro so hopefully longer subs are easier for me now
  6. Looks fantastic and yes PI is tough but everytime you use it, you get a little bit better with it. I'm knew to the whole processing stuff as well The only thing i would try to do with your image is something i need to do with one of my own and that's to knock the stars back abit in either size or brightness or both. I think this is done using the starmask. And only adjusting the stars so the nebula is more prominent. It's worth saving lots of times during your prossesing, then you can go back and tweak things you may notice after i find after staring at the image for hrs during processing you can kinda get lost in the details. I like to leave it for a few days after processing and then come back and see if there is anything i would change after looking at the image with fresh eyes. Cheers Rob
  7. Great definition, this is the first image where i can see the shapes easily I'm going back to my image to see if i can get more definition on my pelican
  8. What is the clip in filter that you use? Thinking of getting one but seem so many to choose from
  9. Fantastic same setup as i have, i need to go back and try again, i didn't get that much definition on the pelican, maybe i should take my stars back farther as well, my shot is a few posts back
  10. Thats such a shame, i had heard great things about the esprit, what did you end up replacing it with?
  11. I know this is a very old thread, but I'm just starting on a similar adventure, i have a 6d and have done all my imaging so far with a samyang. I now have an eq6 mount on the way and trying to decide what telescope to stick on my 6d, my first choice is the esprit 100. Did you stick with this combo long? Judging by this image you had success with the combo as well? Cheers Rob
  12. Thanks that's a big help did you use your 6d with just the samyang? I'm currently looking for a refractor that will suit the 6d
  13. Thanks, i did get a few subs at 1600 so i might stack them and see whats there, cant hurt anyway
  14. Don't ever be worried about posting an image on here, it's the fastest way to improve A decent image is a very subjective thing, find below my first image, you may have to squint to see Andromeda (it's the little smudge). I was ecstatic with this image and it's what got me hooked, the fact i could image something so far away with my very old canon 400d and the kit lens that came with it totally blew me away Good luck with your imaging
  15. First Attempt at North American Nebula and a quick process, will do it properly later. Canon 6d at iso 800 Samyang 135mm at f4 Star Adventurer I tried at f2 and f2.8 and iso 1600 but image seemed washed out. Any tips on settings would be appreciated. 90 x 30 second subs 10 flats 10 darks 50 bias Thanks Rob
  16. I had my first go at the North American Nebula last night, also only the second time i have used my star tracker. I have done a quick process this morning because i was so excited and wanted to share with everyone and ask some questions. Image was taken with a Canon 6d and a Samyang 135mm stopped down to f4 at iso800. So i started out using iso 1600 as that is supposed to be the sweet spot for the 6d and f2.8 on the lens but the image was very washed out. So i dropped to iso 800 but still found the test image was washed out, so i stopped the lens down to f4 and was happy with the result. I took 90x30 second subs with those settings. So my question is rather than stopping down to f4 should i have dropped the iso again? or kept at iso 1600 and stopped down past f4? will do a proper processing later and post again, all i did with this image was crop, colour correction, curve transformation and whacked up the saturation Thanks Rob
  17. I Had my first go at this target last night, great photo
  18. Thanks, i think location doesn't show under the name when using the mobile version, good luck with the sale, just a bit to far away for me.
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