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  1. Is it called SynScan Link? I’ve just downloaded that as was all I could find other than SynScan Pro which I have. Power is fine, must be as Sky Safari can move things around fine if manually controlled via app buttons. I turned the mount around and spun the scope back to Jupiter after comparing mount orientation to device orientation but any further advice here would be good if I’m missing something. Thanks you
  2. Thanks for that. I have tried all the alignment options but get the same result, have also rebooted the phone, mount on off ect. Im wonder if it’s a setting I’m not getting right.
  3. Hello So, I’m having some alignment issues and have not yet managed to make this happen, have tried for a few evenings. iOS XR - Apps and phone up to date: SynScsn App Safari Pro latest and up to date Using SkyWatcher WiFi dongle HEQ5 Pro I can connect to the mount, with Safari I can manually move the mount all I want to targets. With SynScan the mount moves really slowly and keeps stopping, I need to force close the app and reconnect. I move to Jupiter and centre, go SynScan app and select ‘Bright Star’ alignment- select right then up
  4. Thanks all. The circles look aligned. The cold/hot air does make sense and is now number one contender for the issue, I did wonder this when first starting but as I had “beginners luck” it seams I though nothing more. If it turns out like it did the first night of trying is I will be a happy boy, very good sights and so great to see Saturn’s rings! What a view that is.
  5. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. It is an SCT yes, thanks for the video also, I looked through the scope with the EP removed and the circles look good to me so maybe it’s not in need of collimation. I have, so far, not actually observed outside. I don’t have the garden for it but have a great window from the loft room that has Jupiter and Saturn framed so have been set up there, could the mix of indoor warmth and outdoor cooler air do this? Its 100% not the focus, not on my part anyway in terms of me turning it, as I’ve had a great view before and know how fine the tuning is. It
  6. Hello I recently purchase a Celestron 8"OTA - using with a SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro and SynScan + Safari apps for iOS. My first night viewing I set up and manually slewed to the moon, I had good detail using a 12mm EP. All good, I saw Saturn with clear sight of the rings and could see some details of Jupiter, amazing! However, since then everything is a blur, the moon, Saturn, the lot. I focus on the moon and get close to detail and then it passes the point and never focuses, same on Saturn and Jupiter. Now I did slightly, and ever so slightly, knock the telescope when putting it away af
  7. Hello - tonight is my first night with everything setup. When testing a few days ago the GoTo function worked perfectly, now I can drive the scope manually through safari but goto does nothing - any help for a newbie?
  8. Hello, Is anyone on here signed up for the SkySafari and SynScan beta testing to natively support IOS? If so how has it been going? https://support.simulationcurriculum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360043282514-Beta-Testing-SkySafari-6-iOS-Only-SynScan-WiFi-Read-This-To-Participate-?page=2#community_comment_360012192693 Its 2020.
  9. Thanks again for the detailed reply, really appreciate the help. Im making a shortlist or the most wanted that are out of my price range and keeping an eye out for 2nd hand until the end of July. Once there did I haven’t been lucky I will purchase something around the £800 mark. All This info has been super helpful in understanding what’s what. Knowing the 8” scopes are the same is very useful. currently now have my eye on an 8SE - fingers crossed
  10. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. So this would fit a range of mounts, such as a GoTo (forgive me for learning as I go, so much to learn it’s like trying to start a new job but with a years knowledge) then I could also get the WiFi adapted and use the app.
  11. I think I meant SCT. Only reason I asked if it was discontinued is because it matched the pic this page: http://www.company7.com/celestron/products/sch2.html
  12. So this is the scope, is this actually the C8 SLT or the earlier discontinued model?
  13. I have, there is a C8 SLT up at the moment that has my interest. I’m expecting it to go for too much money though I’d like to try if possible. Then save a little more for the rest. After reading about the Evo I’d like to try and get some of that functionality at the end of this. Idea of controlling with an app appeals to me a lot.
  14. Hello Thanks for the detailed reply. Interesting you mention the C8, is that the C8 SLT? I could fit that to a AVX right and add a WiFi adapter? Thanks for the YouTube heads up also, I watched some of his vids last night
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