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  1. I’m looking to buy either a 12” dob or 700mm refractor both f5 scopes which would you recommend for observation of nebula and galaxies? Don’t have a big budget and will be buying second hand.
  2. Hi Geoff, what’s your experience of the 250XP viewing deep space and what eyepieces would you recommend please?
  3. Hi thanks for the comments. I live in country Durham so I’m lucky enough to have Kielder Dark Sky site nearby. Are the 2” eyepieces not really expensive for 14” dobsonian scopes I’ve seen comments about them costing upwards of £250 each which really put me off or Is there cheaper ones you can get?
  4. Hi all I’m just looking for advice on upgrading telescop. At the minute I’ve got a Meade ETX 125 and had some good views with it so far. Mainly Moon Planets and brighter clusters. However I wanted to see more Galaxies and nebulas which is a much to ask for a F15 scope. im looking at second hand Celestron/Meade 9.25” f10 s With maybe a focal reducer and Sky-Watcher 10”-12” F4.9 dobsonians which is the better choice?
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