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  1. Not quite 3 weeks here yet but nearly
  2. Well I've had an update from aunty FLO about my Esprit 100 - delivery was originally targeted at end of July/start of August, ow late August is best guess. CO has come out in sympathy:
  3. Just had an update on the ETA for my 'scope and it's looking like it will be end of August at best.
  4. Now it's playing with me. In the four hours since eI last checked, it has suddenly managed to find a green slot... Shall I open a book on it disappearing?
  5. There are a number of 'YouTubers' that post useful stuff. Unfortunately the ones that have genuinely structured and thought out programmes are inevitably ones that you need to pay for e.g. Peter Zelinka, although there is useful free material.
  6. Morning - trouble sleeping so early start - will make me more grumpy later! CO continues to have zero clear slots for the next week. MO still shows a 'maybe' against Fri/Sat around midnight... Currently very thick heavy cloud here. I've booked an extra gym slot for 6.30am...
  7. I think the weather is 'dynamic' - there are now zero night time green slots showing on CO for the next week. Saturday daytime is OK.... It may change of course, but that will push it over 3 weeks. MO is still optimistic about a narrow slot Saturday which CO gave up on... When the electrics are installed in the garden (once the flagging has been completed) I may join the ASC club as it would be useful
  8. You may have guessed I'm decidedly grumpy today - seriously fed-up with it
  9. Looking at the Atlantic chart, what seems to be my problem is an almost never ending line fo stuff coming in off the Atlantic following a rough SW - W origin headed E to NE. It tends mostly to be SW to NE from West Wales coast straight over the top of me and heads east - problem why Lincolnshire is bad because that's pretty well level with me. My brother is north of me on the coast at Crosby. As the crow flies that's a lot less than 50 miles (but is 50 by road). He's had quite a lot of fine weather. And that's the issue - this constant stream of cloud is relatively narrow - narrow enough that Liverpool misses a lot of it and 50 miles south of me does too. It's been like that since the end of the fine weather at the start of June. Currently thick heavy low cloud, quite humid, trying to rain.
  10. I've had a look at MO - it still thinks I stand a chance Fri/Sat... I'll look again tomorrow
  11. As you might guess - I'm cross. I was always sceptical about tonight's 2 hour window as it suddenly appeared late last night. But Fri/Sat is different - that has been there all week and poof! Gone. I have zero faith in Monday's alleged couple of hours. I've just checked - my last clear night was 20/21st July and before that 11/12 July. Before that it was June... I know UK weather can be nuts, but this is absurd even by normal standards. Unless the weather relents, which is always feasible, if it is next Mon/Tues that will be three weeks. Bonkers.
  12. As mentioned earlier that green window for Thurs/Fri continues to narrow - it's down to just one hour now (was 6 hours). A two hour slot has suddenly appeared for tonight Wed/Thur at 1am - I am sceptical tbh as it's solid cloud so far all day. I rather suspect it and Friday's will evaporate completely before long. I am getting very fed-up of this weather. Just 3 nights in 6 weeks.
  13. hmm I think these green slots are ephemera - Thursday's new slot has narrowed overnight and moved back to 1am Friday. I suspect it will disappear. Fri/Sat is still the best bet in town as it has been since last weekend. New slot showing next Mon/Tues but again narrow - couple of hours around 11pm.
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