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  1. Yeah will try that at some point for sure. I think there's a 5th moon now Showing as well
  2. Oh in eyepiece... Just beautiful these pictures don't show one bit what I saw.
  3. So I managed to get outside for 45mins last night and take a photo. These are just single shots taken and edited on my snsrtphone. Haven't done stacking yet from the video I recorded, but pretty pleased with Jupiter one
  4. It's been over a week of clouds here, but finally there was a small break last night. However it was windy and my little heritage with its shroud was a little shaky, but managed to capture a few things. Not amazing, but pleased to just get out and have fun Just shows we must keep practicing : Skywatcher Heritage 150p BST starguider 8mm and 18mm Lenses 2x Barlow on planets Cheap Phone adapter
  5. I upgraded lenses to the BST StarGuider ones and I would say its around 3-4 seconds. When using my smartphone I put it on a 5 second timer so vibrations are settled before it takes a picture. Iver the the focuser much more of an issue than the rods... I've found those pretty secure. Infact what amazes me... If you leave them unfightened and look at collimation through the small cap with a hole it it, and then tighten the rods while looking, it comes straight into alignment, so I know there's not much movement in those rods. I've even attached an extension arm with my phone on to one of the Rods to test it too and no movement whatsoever Thanks for the video
  6. I'm really pleased with the StarGuider lenses especially with glasses... But @JeremyS new lens looks very nice indeed
  7. You guys with your £300 lenses and I'm getting 6 lenses for a total of £300 lol
  8. https://www.365astronomy.com/5mm-BST-Explorer-Starguider-ED-Eyepiece.html
  9. Thanks so much for a thorough explanation. That makes total sense I'm sure others will benefit from your reply... Thank you so much
  10. @Patrick Bateman I hope you don't mind me askign a question on your thread? Just seems silly of me posting a new topic when you are asking the questions on here... So all those in the know... what really is the difference here. if I have a focal length of 750mm and I use a 5mm EP which gives me a Magnification of 150x - But then if I use a 10mm EP and a 2x barlow it gives me Mag of 150x? Will there be a difference? Will the view change? Will the quality change?
  11. I can say myself the 8mm BST starguider is really nice and works well with a barlow as well The eye relief is great and is such a nice full view in the eye piece
  12. The 5 would be I think; - 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm (May miss out the 15mm and was advised not much point getting the 3.2mm)
  13. Yeah that would be cool. I may get a bracket to sit on top of scope to be honest.... but I want to attach a Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight
  14. Oh sorry I didn't answer Thanks Louis. yes its just on the telescope arm casing. Pretty secure
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