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  1. Progress over last 8 weeks. far far from perfect, but better than when I started
  2. Thank you appreciate that. getting there slowly
  3. I'm persevering and although far from perfect by any means, I feel I'm getting slightly better photos of Jupiter - a lot more recognisable at least. Heritage 150p scope. 8mm EP + 2 x Barlow. Huawei p20. ISO 50. Shutter 1/30
  4. forgot to say thank you for a great video. I do like my fabric shroud I made but I do think I am going to try this with foam. I think it maybe better and some else I don't need to set up. thanks again for a great video
  5. Very nice. I think I'll upgrade to a foam shroud
  6. Another one with 20 stacked images in photoshop
  7. Welcome WHere abouts in Oxfordshire is home. I used to live in Witney, but still work in Oxford
  8. Thanks so much. They were taken early evening as well when it was still light outside... So was quite pleased as you can see below
  9. Just a quick shot of the moon this evening. Not the best shot as it was still daylight and so have edited it on my phone. However what I find more amazing it discovering facts about the moon that I didn't know before... Check out second and third photo with high-lighted crator. To put the moon in some kind of context, that crator alone is 114km across and 4.7km deep its called, 'maurolycus'. Taken with: Huawei p20 18mm BST lens ISO 80 Shutter 1/500 Edited on phone
  10. But on a serious note, is there really much difference in have the 15 and 18mm.... I wasn't going to get the 15 and I would have the 12mm, 18mm and 25mm?
  11. I wonder what the differemce is between the 15 and 18mm?
  12. Beautiful the only one I will probably not buy is the 15mm
  13. I like things to be complete I'll get the 3.2 and 12mm
  14. Will be able to get in two more. Will take out the Barlow and super10 and put those in my kit bag, that way I can have 6 lenses
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