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  1. Has anyone yet tried the 12.5mm Morpheus in a Baader Mark V binoviewer as yet? I am hoping that the 12.5mm may complement my 24mm Panoptics whenn using a Denkmeier R1 Power x Switch.
  2. Yes, I have read that Balok. However, what I have found is that as you are observing with two eyes (a natural state for the brain to deal with) there are benefits with contrast and apparent more detail that seems to cancel out any loss of light due to the splitting of the light path. I agree, the Morpheus eps seem to be very well suited for binoviewing. I am moving more and more towards the Denkmeier Power x Switch diagonal and two sets of eps: 24mm Pans and 14mm Morpheus. Fortunately, a member of our astro group has an older model Power x Switch forme to try with the Baader Mark Vs. I'll
  3. I have justy found another solution and probably the best yet...if it works! The Denkmeier Power Switch Diagonal http://denkmeier.com...&category_ID=20 seems to offer the best of all worlds and would probably mean only using one pair (two at the most) sets of eyepieces. Has anyone had any experience with this setup?
  4. Thanks rrb24 that's good feedback. I am also wondering whether the Denkmeier power switch diagonal would work with Mark V bins. Anyone got feedback on that combination? Another option might be the APM Meoptra zooms. If I could have found a good review on these, as they have a fixed apparent field.
  5. Anyone have experience with various eyepieces for binoviewer observing. I have just purchased a BP Mark V binoviewer and with its wide FOV need to get a small number of medium to wide eeyepieces for it (over time!) I have a Panoptic 24mm already which I seldom use in my 'fractors, so another would pair nicely with the Mark Vs. Of that I am certain. I am toying with idea of getting the Baader Morpheus 17.5mm and 12.5mm eps as well. Anyone had any experience using with these in BVs? Need eps that have a FOV at least 68-80 I should think. Any other suggestions?
  6. I have two Baader Planetarium Sky Surfer Red Dot finders and a third William Optics red dot finder. On each of these finders the red dots have each 'degraded' until they a indistinct (thus inaccurate) blurred 'splodges. I can see no way of asdjusment to bring the dots 'to focus'. Is there a remedy? Sadly, all three are well out of warranty period thus returning them to their respective suppliers is out of the question. Anyon eelse found this problem?
  7. I purchased a Planet Tripod from the Widescreen Centre here in London and I am extremely pleased with it! However, there is one small problem which I hope you can help me solve: I am using the Planet to support a Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT mount, which it does with ease...except when you use this mount in EQ mode, it is impossible to sight through the polar scope for accurate polar alignment. The leg locking levers get in the way. A simple solution to hand, was to use my Skywatcher EQ6 pier which raises the mount sufficiently to enable easy polar scope use. However, the problem then is the AZ 'sp
  8. Cheers Guys. I think I might just take the plunge on this one.
  9. I've had great success fro the iOptron Minitower Pro. Easy to set up, reliable, and blows peoples' minds at star parties in Regents Park when they look incredulously at Uranus, Neptune or some hard to find (in London's light polluted skies) DSO. I use mine with an 80mm and 123mm refractors and a Lunt LS80 DS. Very good software on board.....even finds comets, large asteroids and minor planets like Ceres.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with the above combination of OTA and mount? Although I am primarily a refractor man, at this time of year we are looking out to those enticing galaxies so a 250mil ota is a very tempting purchase. I know all about the problems of eye placement on an equatorial mount but with the AZ setup this shouldn't be a problem....or is it??? I use the AZ EQ6 GT on a Berlebach Planet and it is a stable as a rock with a 132mm refractor! Comments gratefully received including those on the optical quality of this OTA.
  11. As Ian King has discovered and other SGL members here, when you start adding more elements into the optical train thae likelyhood of miscolimation is multiplied. I would rather stick with a reputable, tried and trusted triplet and add the field flattener et al to it. My two penn'th worth anyuway.
  12. Just as well you didn't O.T.! However, I have to add that I also own an LS60 DS solar telescope which is excellent. I am very pleased with that one. Good luck with the new 'family to come'....!
  13. Stephen Ramsden (Solar Chat forum/solar outreach in the States) has responded with: “Sounds like you have the standard glare present in the background mentioned in my review and every other review or description I have read here and other places. You're probably not going to get one any different from Lunt. That's just the way it is to get a double stacked 80mm scope for less than half its cost 5 years ago. How about taking the advice I gave given to all askers and go with the external unobstructed LS60F as your method of double stacking the LS80? It's the same etalon as used on the DSII m
  14. With the scope back at Lunt EU in Germany, their response is: "Today we have some sunshine, and so we have checked again Chris telescope. In the double-stack combination we can see the small halo completely around the sun, and a little bit stronger in one direction. But the halo is not bright, the prominences are very well visible. It is the same what we have seen at the first check. We have seen this halo (=not absolutely dark background) at all LS80THa with DSII double-stack module, it is normal at this design. At a internal double-stack system you have two etalons in small distance, this wi
  15. I too looked at the Coronado II 60 when I upgraded from my little PST. But in the end purchased the LS60Tha DS B1200 and am very pleased with it indeed. It is certainly the 'sweet spot' in the Lunt range of solar filter scopes. The LS60 oozes quality but I would definitely pay the extra for the FeatherTouch focuser. It is just sooo much better than Lunt's stock crayford. You will be able to image through it and use Binoviewers. I use Baader Maxbrights which work well with Televue plossls. You just have to make sure that you use the right Glasspath Corrector to ensure that the Bins co
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