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  1. Hi Pierre, Interesting suggestion - I'll look into it. Never knew such things existed but then again this hobby is an endless sea of discovery (and expense) spreading out in every direction. (I watched too much Carl Sagan as a kid.) Unrelated issue - is it a good/bad idea to think of putting a clear 77mm filter in front of the lens to protect it? Thanks, Des
  2. Thanks, Carole. I've not come across this company before. Impressive looking performance. Best, Des
  3. Thanks for pointing this out, Pierre. I have a WO clear Batinov mask on my z73 and they are indeed superb. Shame it is just a bit too small to fit the 135’s dew shield. As you wrote, probably a good investment given its versatility. best, Des
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies. I decided to follow your good advice and skip the rotator to begin with. Managed to get everything mounted and aligned this evening - having taken delivery of the lens from amazon around 16.00 - and big surprise, the clouds rolled in even though the forecast was for a clear night. Snapped m42 and m45 through the high clouds anyway as an act of (futile) defiance. Can anyone recommend a Batinov mask, please? Either to buy or to print. Various designs are advertised but not sure which ones work well. Cheers, Des
  5. Hi I'm setting up a wide field system based on a samyang 135 and have read this thread with interest. I've ordered the Astro Esstials M48 plate from FLO and I am currently trying to decide on the optical train between it and my asi2600mc pro. One option would be to use the combined rotator/filter holder from TS: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p12074_TS-Optics-Rotation-Adapter--Filter-Holder-and-Quick-Coupling---M48-to-T2-thread.html For those of you using it I'd very much like help with a few details: - Does this screw directly onto t
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