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  1. I just ran several stars from the image and it is indeed saturated. Perhaps the camera is more sensitive that I'm used to. Thanks anyway
  2. It was a 60s exposure through a 70mm telescope so I doubt it, there is also another smaller star that shows the same pattern
  3. Hi all, Yesterday I received my new ASI 533 MC Pro and thankfully the weather was clear. I took it out with my TS 70Q for some test shots on Sadr and started to see this reflection patter on Sadr itself Has anyone else using this camera seen a similar thing? I wasn't using any filter (I've read that this could be a fix) as I just needed to test the camera was working. I'm not too well versed in refractors but with that aside could this be the reflection coating on the sensor glass? Thanks for your opinions
  4. Thanks for your replies, unfortunately the TS 65Q doesn't seem to be in production and the other quadruplets they do produce are out of my budget! I might just settle with the TS 70/420 and look to see if there are coma issues that can be corrected, it would run cheaper than the alternative TS 60 with the FLP-53 Seems like I'll have to keep looking!
  5. Hi all, I'm a long time lurker but now I need some help. I would really appreciate some opinions on 2 scopes: WO Zenithstar 61 f5.9 TS ED (APO?) 70 f6 From what I've read, the TS isn't a "proper" APO (on the telescope itself there is no mention of APO, just ED) whereas the Zenithstar is, my question will then be, in terms of purely astrophotography (both with DSLR and CCD) will the TS fall short even given the larger aperture? Thanks in advance for your thoughts
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