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  1. Sorry for the late reply but thank you all for your responses. I saw the heritage 130p but was unsure as it doesn’t have a mount but being able to see more definitely sounds better to me than having it on a mount. I know it’s a bit of a tight budget to be on but for a beginner and the current budget I have I’ll have a little search around for what I can get for the money. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, I didn’t want to rush into making a decision or buying too soon so hopefully I can get some good suggestions. Thanks again.
  3. Hi and thanks, also thanks for the reply. Oh I should have added that. I would say around £100 preferably, up to £150. Thanks for the link seems like a great site easy to see what you get with each option. I will have more of a thorough look through in a moment but I like the look of the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope seems a good option to start with? I did think that, it seemed like a good option at first glance but none of them seem to have good reviews at all.
  4. Hi! I’m new here and pretty much a beginner but I’m looking to buy a telescope as a special birthday gift but no idea what I’m really looking at. My budget isn’t huge so I know I’ll have to go for a semi basic one, just looking for some advice to get started looking? I’ve seen a national geographic one that allows you to link to a phone which I love the idea of if there’s a way to capture what you can see but doing some research in some other forums on here the one I’ve seen hasn’t got very good reviews. I would love one which allows you to see a bit more than just the moon but as I said before I really have no idea at the specs you need etc so would be so grateful for some advice!
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