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  1. Im sorry I can't answer your question but Woah Those images look sick. I got a similar telescope and am wondering how you took these pictures, do you mind sharing the exposure time, iso, amount of stacks ?
  2. So a Barlow would help focussing, but then a barlow isn't for astrophotography ? Couldn't I just manually focus with the camera ? Edit: so the barlow has the T ring adapter built in?
  3. I just got into observing and would love to be able to take a picture of what I'm seeing. I got an old Nikon D60 from 2012? laying here still working perfectly with multiple lenses. I did some research and found I should buy some kind of T-ring as an adapter between the telescope and camera. Is this the only thing I need to take an image ? Thanks in advance!
  4. I got stellarium on my phone and the dekstop version but can't see where to spot easier targets ? I've downloaded lots of apps but not a single one presents me with easier targets. They just list them all.
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate it! Also, I was wondering if anyone has a site where I could see which objects are easier to spot this time a year. I took a look at telescopius but wasn't sure. Thanks!
  6. I really just put my smartphone to my lense in the most awkward way possible
  7. Thanks for this very useful link! Just read through and it answered my questions! I really did think I would be able to see a bit more than just this of M13 with my heritage 130.
  8. This really helped! Thanks! Now I know what averted vision is Also thanks for the sketch, for me it was straight black last night that's why I was confused haha
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice, tips & explanations! I'll try the objects you adviced tonight
  10. I thought about trying to view Jupiter & Saturn or just our moon haha, but i'm surrounded by large trees in the distance on every side. So it's really only up I can watch from this location. But I will defintely lookup better grounds tommorow
  11. So the Coords are: 50.8, 4.7 and its a bortle 6 sky. I guess I completely forgot the visibilty factor. I thought all galaxies would always be visible I just picked one that was close to me and easiest to setup to. I'm less dissappointed now I know this! Also thanks a lot for the tips ln trying M13 and M57, i'll definetly try that tomorrow! Got some good skies here this week Thanks for helping a noob out Pixies!
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