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  1. Hi Guy's, Sorry to be a pest, but I am stuck so I need to ask some dumb questions :? I have taken delivery my Atik HR-16 which I am thrilled about. But how do I attach it & a focal reducer to my scope please. Already purchased a 2" SCT Adaptor, which I am lead to believe I need. Do I get a 2" FR & screw that directly to the 2" SCT Adaptor, then insert this into the focuser, then reduce the collar holder end of the 2" SCT Adapter to 1.25" using a 2" to 1.25" reducer taken off my 2" Star Diagonal, then attach the CCD. Or Do I Fit the 2" SCT Adaptor directly into the focuser, then reduce
  2. Hi Martin, Once again thanks for your kind reply, So if I have this right, the focal reducer fits directly into the focuser & the Atik 16HR fits into the focal reducer. Will I need to purchase any other fittings to achieve this or will they all mate together as is. Will it also be a problem that my APO only has a single speed focuser. Cheers Ian
  3. Hi Martin, Thank you for your comments & the link. When I have more time I will start swatting up, just need a head start from all of you guys to point me in the right direction which is exactly what has happened. I take on board Mikes fears that my EQ6 as is, may not give me too much scope to take the desirable longer exposures so I looked @ the self mod which Mike kindly put me on to. The trouble is it looks too involved for a club fisted baboon like myself to undertake & will surely involve some kind of basic intellect to pull off! I dare not even look into the cost of an official
  4. Hi Mike, A very comprehensive reply, wonderfull Really appreciated Best regards Ianc
  5. Hi Kaptain Klevtsov, Thanks for the link to MartinB's web site. It's now save as one of my favourites Best regards Ianc
  6. Thanks for your kind reply Kaptain Klevtsov, Its a bit like trying to read Chinese, don't follow the terminology, but everything helps I guess in the long run. I suspect what I have asked for would be a vast undertaking for someone to explain, considering my immediate aim is to have an incling of what filters to buy. So polar alignment is not to be used & the drift method is the preference then? Who is MartinB & what are primers please? Cheers
  7. Hi Dave, Yes, I was laid up in hospital after surgery & was burgled & ransacked. Thanks for your advice.
  8. Hi Guy's I think I am going to open up a can of worms here, but here goes anyway. Just ordered another Atik 16HR Mono (already owned one for several months & was waiting to get a grip of myself & make the giant plunge forward to acquire the knowhow to use it including the several Filters I had randomly purchased without consulting anybody, but got turned over before I got the chance) & now am starting over again & need your advice on what filters I will need to purchase & apply some logic, rather than just guessing @ it. Have had a few ideas already from shops but it is all
  9. Hi cygnusx1, The only failsafe way is to buy a reputable brand on trust & if it does not perform as an APO should to their claims. Stick it back where the sun don't shine!! Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Captain, Thanks for the link, again very informative. Before I started I adjusted the Latitude to a lower angle so I could better see the business end I was operating on. I carried out the disassembly until I realised the pipe wrench I had would not extend round the 55mm Bearing Collar Lock enough to allow enough purchase to slacken it off. This was a minute or two after I established my 2.5mm Allen Key was made by Cadbury's! So as I was stuck, I reassembled everything & started thinking of who I could contact tomorrow to borrow the correct size wrench. On winding back the Latitude angl
  11. Hi Captain, Thanks for the reply: I am assuming you meant me to follow the instructions as per the link? But the EQ6 is different to the HEQ5, It uses 2 x RA setting circle lock pins which do not appear to locate in to holes. Cheers Ian
  12. Hi Captain, I have only just had the chance to have a look @ trying to make the adjustment using the info you kindly provided the other day. Please forgive me for my lack of understanding but I can't see the grub screws which you have referred too. Besides the casting with the counterweight bar lock is on is the DEC axis not the RA axis or am I being Blonde! Cheers Ian
  13. Cheers Captain Very helpful as always
  14. Cheers Captain, I knew someone would know. Are we saying back it off gingerly until the stiffy goes (the full cold shower) or are we just moving fractions of a turn & leaving it @ that, even if not eliminating it completely (Semi-Stiffy) Do not want to overcook it! Best regards Ian
  15. Hi Guy's, Just purchased an EQ6 which I am delighted with but: Whilst balancing the scope I noticed a tightish area on the RA axis. Is this a commom phenomenon with these or do I need to make any subtle adjustments & if so how? Was more concerned that it will put undue stress on the motor. Cheers Ian
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