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  1. Thanks! I guess even more so because my guide error is low, and I’m moving to a lower arc second resolution rather than other way around
  2. Hello, Currently have an Orion ED80 on Orion Sirius EQ-G that I’ve been using for about 3.5 years now, and it’s been great! Wanting to step up my game a little bit, and than rather get into an entry level reflector (something light), I’d rather continue on with a refractor and move towards an end game widefield scope. My rig right now is 11lbs (excluding cable weight). I have a ZWO 1600MM-Cool, so 3.8 pixel size, which is why I picked the Esprit 80 at a 400mm focal length which will be 1.95 arc seconds resolution. The flattener that comes with this scope is just that, and not a reducer, so the 400mm will be intact. Another option I had looked at was the WO GT81, however it’s only got a reducer/flattener combo which drops the focal length even further than 400mm (and little over 2.0”). My current ED80 is 5.7lbs and the Esprit is 8.8lbs, so my load will increase by 3lbs. Including cable weight I’m assuming this will weigh in right at 15lbs. I’m not looking to upgrade my mount just yet, so I’m hoping to take a chance here, but what are the opinions on guiding with this load? Currently have an Orion SSAG and 50mm guide scope and my guiding is great (0.70 > arc second error and I can push 600s exposures fine). Being right at 15lbs this shouldn’t be too heavy, right? Other options on scopes are welcome too. Thanks!
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