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  1. My setup is WO ZS61 with an Altair 183C OSC camera using a Raspberry Pi running Astroberry (EKOS/Indi). Mount is a Vixen GP2 with the EQStar mod to make it a GOTO mount, with a ZWO guide cam. I'm getting muddled about when to do the manual focus step (no autofocuser - yet!). Once I'm polar aligned using the guide cam, do I start the 3 star alignment of the mount and use the first of these stars to focus? Any hints appreciated! Thanks, Andy
  2. Hi - thanks for the comments - very encouraging! I used Deep Sky Stacker and then processed in PS. Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi, I'm totally new to astrophotography having done landscape/wildlife for a few years. Totally loving the technical challenge it presents so far! I just wanted to share my first image, the North Americ Nebula, taken with the Fuji XT3 and 55-200mm lens at 120mm/f4, using the iOptron SkyGuide Pro. I took 20 x 2 minutes subs from my house in Suffolk, UK (Bortle 4 skies). I tried my best to get the polar alignment spot on but its a challenge - got a guide scope and camera on the way so hoping SharpCap will help with this, along with PHD2 for guiding. Followed the general processing steps from Trevor@Astrobackyard (forgive the refraction lines on the stars - couldn't resist!). Seeing some elongation of the stars so assuming the PA was off a bit or maybe 2 mins on this tracker without guiding is the issue? Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Anyway, great to be along for the ride and really enjoying reading what other are getting up to. Thanks, Andy
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