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  1. Hello I need reviews on Celestron CGX L. Is it a good mount ? My scope is Celestron cpc EdgeHD 1100. reliabilty ? disconnetions ? tracking ? My current mount is Celestron Alt Azm Mount and I have all my accessories from Celestron like focus motor, Starsense, Skyportal, All Star Polar. Allignment etc, these have made my life very easy. Else I do have option to buy ioptron CEM70 but I’m not familiar with the product but most of my Celestron accessories which can be connected to CGXL will go in waste. Secondly how important is the GPS that I will have to buy separately because CGXL doesn’t have built in. Thirdly I can buy CGXL without mount. Is there any way I can fit this on to my current Alt Azm Mount? Or Pier. I can easily save 1100 USD. Right now my Telescope is fitted on the Alt Azm Mount and giving me lots of disconnections on WiFi. That’s the problems I am facing. If it’s no more in new CGX L I would go for it. im confused.
  2. How’s neximage 5 vs ZWO ASI385 ? I have both and I have keep one. Can anyone guide me ?
  3. Yes I did but didn’t work. It gives option to reset camera. “Reset AIS Camera” but when I press this option, there’s no response. Screen remains same.
  4. Thank You. I did exactly the same but error message is same. If I only connect SS HC without Camera it doesn’t give any weird error but “fining camera” but when I attach camera and turn on the power it gives the error message as per below picture. Is there any option to reset the camera ?or any troubleshoot without sending it back to Celestron ?
  5. Thank You. Now the situation is that If I connect SS hc it starts searching for the camera. If I connect the camera, and it starts giving me errors as per attached. Picture. With original nextstar HC there are no errors. No idea what’s going on
  6. @sub dwarf after successful plates process, it asks to press Enter to continue.
  7. It has become worse now. The SS HC is showing me errors, and cannot initializing the scope and can identify the model. I don’t know what went wrong. With Original Nexstar HC it’s working fine. May be power issue no idea .
  8. Thank You very much I have bought Celestron CPC 1100 EdgeHD, but what’s TemPest fans ? and where to fit? Secondly they sent Alt Azm Mount so can I add wedge ? I live near equator.
  9. When I align my Celestron CPC 1100 EdgeHD through Starsense Auto Allignment, after Completing the successful plates resolve in the handset, you have to press enter to continue to the second stage of selecting a bright star to point scope towards it, which I used to do in the past. Today after successful plate resolve, when I tried to press enter it takes you back to the first screen “Star Sense Ready” instead of selecting the brightest star option. Can anyone help and advise where am I making mistake ?
  10. Hi. I’ve Celestron cpc 1100 EdgeHD. When I try to allign the scope through skyportal via WiFi module, after completing the plate solving process, it asks me to select one brightest star and press go-to option to move the scope towards that star for example Vega. In skyportal it stops at an exact Vega location, however in eyepiece I can’t see it. I know I have to fine allign, so when I manually fine allign the scope in the eyepiece, the cross mark in the skyportal moves far away from Vega and then refuses to allign because it has to be Certain degree close to Vega. Can anyone advise how to fix it ?
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