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  1. He turned mine around in 10 days which was amazing and it’s running like a dream.
  2. Hi, I have recently purchase a Orion Optics 14 12" F/4 which has come with an off axis guider and a Paracorr Type 1. I wish to use this with my QHY268c 26mp APS-C Astro Cam. I am struggling getting sharp stars to the edges and wondered if there was a required spacing between the rear of the Paracorr and the Camera sensor. I'm used to using a refractor so this is throwing me a bit.
  3. Why not install a pier instead of using the tripod. The tripod will need to be polar aligned every time and is proun to movement and accidental knocks
  4. Can I ask you the model name/number for that Tripod please?
  5. Hmmm well I hadn't seen any of these comments/reviews prior to my contact with Dave on Friday last week and the collection of my mount this morning by DHL. I have been told that as its a new HEQ5 Pro (six months old) and already has the Rowan Belt Mod he will turn it around in 2 weeks. Dave seemed a really nice guy on the phone and I will save judgement at this stage. Sometimes you can be a victim of your own success and take on too much work, which results in delays and errors. I am sure he has things under control now and I eagerly await my mounts return, as its only been gone 4.5hrs n
  6. Hi Everyone The one who must be obeyed (Wife) has given me permission to have a permanent shed/Observatory in the garden. Now we are not talking luxurious, I have about 6ftx6ft to play with as our back garden is the size of a postage stamp. The area is all astro turfed so i have to take that into account also and do something that would leave minimal damage if I was then to remove the build if in years to come we move. I was thinking of a plastic/metal shed that I could just take the roof off to shoot and place back on afterwards. And either just use the tripod or get a permanent pi
  7. Hi. I’d say I’m reasonably experienced, currently have a 6” RC with guide camera on top and can guide at around 0.78 in PHD2 without too much hassle. Also have a 72EDF which is simple enough. Just want to get something with a longer reach
  8. Hi. I want it for photography. I understand on a windy night it’s going to be a no no or difficult to get decent guiding but I’m keen to try it.
  9. Does anyone use the above combination. I’ve got a HEQ5 Pro and really want a 8” EdgeHD. Just a bit concerned the weight is too much for it. But I’ve seen quite a few people using the combo so just wanted to get some advice from people who actually have this set up and not from people that just quote weight limits but have not actually used one.
  10. I've now added the ADM plate to the bottom of mine and added a Moonlite Focuser with the High Res stepper motor and V2 controller and attached my QHY 268C OSC. Absolutely love the setup and is my fav scope right now!
  11. Its 17.5mm back focus or 23.5mm when using the centering/tilt adjustment ring
  12. 1st Payment received and will notify you in the morning when the last bit comes through.
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