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  1. What you viewed wasn't Saturn or Mars, they were stars. Stars remains like pin pricks of light no matter how much magnification you use, although, they may appear brighter. Make sure you know the constellations and the position of the planets, you can download the Stellarium software. Saturn is striking even with low power, you can easily see the rings, and it's brighter than a star. You won't mistake it. As for Mars, it may appear like a star this period of the year, as it is far from us now, so it may be a little tougher to spot. With a high power, Mars would be like a little blob, maybe with some surface details, but may be harder to be noticed. What you should do is get a planisphere or a star chart, they help you locate objects easily. I hope this helps. Clear skies
  2. Last night went galaxy hunting. I identified Spica and the constellation Corvus but couldn't find Sombrero. Any help ? I'm using a 3" scope by the way.
  3. Yes, but there's another, more beautiful than Saturn. Earth. I don't know if you guys have thought of this, but imagine if we're on another planet, Mars or Jupiter maybe. There are many amateur astronomers. I'm sure that we'll all be looking at Earth with our telescopes everytime. The blue, calm planet... Just something I thought about yesterday.
  4. Thank you for your motivation guys. At first I thought that I had wasted my parent's money on the scope (Skywatcher) and felt that it was too small to observe anything other than the moon and Saturn. I recently purchased Turn Left at Orion, waiting for it to arrive.
  5. Since I'm 14 years old and have a 70mm as my starter scope, I feel left out and intimidated by all the monster scopes you guys have... Will upgrade to a higher aperture dob when I grow older and have my own job ?
  6. Telescope: Skywatcher 70mm Alt-az mount Eyepiece used: 10mm + 2X Barlow Time: Around 8.30 PM to 9.40 PM Comments : First ever documentation of my observation. Trying to keep in mind that I'm still a beginner, I'm not going to force myself to find any galaxies or nebulae, instead I searched for Saturn and located it easily. Started with a low power eyepiece, 25 mm, I could see the rings. Remembering that I'm using cheap eyepieces that came with the scope, I changed to a 10mm eyepiece. Saturn was sharp, just like a drawing. Rings could be seen easily. I can even see the shadows cast by the rings on the surface of it. After that, added a junk barlow, Saturn was a bit dimmer but I could still make out the details on it. Not too bad I guess, the sharpness was incredible, it was only reduced by 1.2 % ? Tried hard to find more detail, and suddenly I found the shadow of Saturn on the right side of the ring, it was hard to see but I could identify the dark area on the ring. Below is a sketch I did using Photoshop CS3, straightaway after putting back my scope. Tried to remember the details and here is what I got: Then the clouds came and blocked it, after that seeing wasn't good and I decided to stop. Clear skies, Maxis
  7. Oh, may I know is the Telrad finder attached to the scope when it came, or did you guys mod it ? If so, how did you attach it ?
  8. I guess I just have to replace mine with a red dot finder. Mine is with the 3 bolts one, without the spring. I just have to think of a way to stick the red dot...
  9. For me, everytime ! It's so hard to align my finderscope, very tricky, I hate the screws. Planning to buy a red dot...
  10. By the way, such an incredible looking sketch ! Well done !
  11. Thank you so much. I'll follow your advice and I'll inform you of my progress. The sky is not clear today, sadly. Will have more time to enjoy the sky after my mid year exam that'll end this Friday.
  12. With a 70mm refractor telescope. With an altaz mount. Skywatcher. I have seen Saturn, Orion nebula and the wonderful craters of the moon. Now what ? I know I don't have the best telescope in the world, and it is small, considering I'm still 14 years old but at least there's something to see and make me wow other than Saturn. Saturn was incredible by the way. I'm not sure if I can get good views of Albireo with my scope, I was tempted to see it but couldn't find it. Any help ? Stellarium didn't list it on my sky, ( I live in Malaysia, almost on the Equator ) . I'm confused between choosing the Northern hemisphere chart or Southern ones. Thank you for your help.
  13. Yes, so I have to constantly search for the planet again ?
  14. Hey there, I'm using a Skywatcher 70mm Alt-Az ( AZ2 ). How do I point to the north star ( I can't find it ) so I don't need to fiddle with the altitude ?
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