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  1. Hello All, I just bought an OIII clip in filter for a DSLR. Using a 50mm lens I tried capturing the veil nebula but I can not see anything but the stars. iso 800, exposure 3.2 & f1.8. Is it too wide of a view? Too long of an exposure? Thanks, AI
  2. Thank you both so much! I have an app that tracks planets, nebulas & satellites but I didnt realize it only focuses on certain satellites. Which really threw me off. I had no idea there were so many up there. I'm going to check the website out right now!
  3. Hello All, I was out last night looking at the stars. It was a dark night, I would say bortle class 4. I noticed a lot of what looked like shooting stars moving relatively slow compared to what I usually see (fast ones that burn out). Are they actually shooting stars/comets? It was weird i saw about 5 at one point, all the same brightness and size moving in the same direction like in a row following each other. They could be planes? But it seemed too far up and there was no flashing light, where I was I wouldn't expect many planes. Can anyone help me out? I've done a quick bit of research
  4. Why is it that they have a bad reputation? I have seen people online hate them but it just seems to be for the collimation. Are they not strong powered? The tube i have is 1000mm long and i don't believe there is a lens inside the focuser. I really wonder if there is any way I can modify it to improve it (be able to see deep space objects). As for goto mount I am still searching online for used ones, hopefully come across a nice HEQ5. The book too I saw was selling on amazon for $700, crazy. I did see that you can get it from the author but sadly due to the virus he is waiting till its over t
  5. Thank you both, I intend on eventually doing deep sky astrophotography. I will have to look into the HEQ5. As of now I am not trying to spend a large amount of money, I have noticed goto mounts on craigslist and other websites for a way cheaper amount but i guess it is just down to luck at that point. The 127 eq telescope is a Newtonian Reflector. Aperture: 127mm Focal Length: 1000mm Focal Ratio: 7.87 I am currently using a DSLR for a camera and just a laptop for capturing. Thanks, AI
  6. Hello All, I am wondering if a Explore scientific iEXOS-100 is worth getting. I have a celestron 127eq and dslr camera for it. Any opinions or insight? I did see many different reviews online. Or any better options of a goto mount? Thanks, AI
  7. Hello Everyone, I recently got an EOS Rebel XT camera to take photos with the telescope. I noticed that Canon has EOS Utility which allows you take photos from your computer. This is great so the camera does not shake and to make everything easier but looking on canons website the Rebel XT does not work with EOS Utility. Is there another software that can let me take photos from my computer? I did see some people managed to get the Rebel XT to work with the EOS Utility but im struggling to figure out how. Thanks, AI
  8. Hello All, New astrophotographer here. My current set up is a Celestron 127EQ and my phone as a camera which has been decent for moon and some planet photos. Surprisingly I have gotten an okay photo of Saturn and Jupiter but I am dying to get some photos of galaxies and nebula. That stuff just amazes me and is just astounding that it is possible to capture. It is too bad that the area I live in is super light polluted (bortle class 6-7 I think) so hopefully I will find a good filter that won't be too expensive. Searching online I have found a lot of bad comments about the Celestron 127EQ,
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