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  1. Hi guys. Me again! How will I find Jupiter and Saturn tonight in the sky? Thanks!
  2. IM not sure which bits they are yet haha. I’ve a lot to learn. Can you show me which they are on the photo?
  3. Thanks Neil. I’m really proud of that one from last night . Can’t wait to try Saturn etc
  4. Thankyou . Which is the RA control? The goo be on the side or the back?
  5. Yes I’m getting more used to it now. It’s just when I get the moon in my scope I have to keep moving my scope slightly until it get it where I want it as I haven’t got the hand of the motion controls yet.
  6. I also got an image of the moon tonight. I’ve not been doing this very long so I’m quite proud so far
  7. Thankyou! I’m gutted. Thought it would have been out tonight!
  8. Oh thanks. My son had android so il try and pinch his for a bit
  9. Does anybody know if anything will be visible tonight? Planet wise
  10. Ahh that explains it then. Did you do any spotting last night John?
  11. Wow you was up early star spotting wasn’t you. Okay thanks very much
  12. Ok thanks il try it. Have you managed to take any photos yet?
  13. Thanks guys! I can’t seem to get than damn focus right! It is very very cloudy tonight though
  14. Can you guys zoom right into it?? I just kept getting a white blob! I used the 20mm tried my 9mm and could just see even more blur
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