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  1. thank you both for the comments and suggestions, ill take a look at them all. The bug has hit me hard, have been doing lots of visuals through the scope but find myself wanting that bit more each time
  2. Hi All Whats everyone's opinion on a beginner eyepiece camera, would be for planetary viewing/imaging I've got Skywatcher explorer 150p eq3-2 Is the Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II anygood to begin with? I've been reading mixed reviews... or do I go ZWO route? I don't want to spend too much right now, maybe upto roughly 150 GBP Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks all for the responses, I should of been clearer and that as i'm a total novice at all of this i don't intend to jump into AP right away. I'm just looking for a good solid all round beginner telescope for my budget. One that will help me get that bug for me to invest further into this I'm sure the AP stuff will come later on
  4. Thanks very much i will linto ook at the skywatcher 130pds
  5. Hello all I'm a beginner at all of this, always been interested in space, and deep space so now I'm looking at purchasing my first scope, need some help on deciding which one to go for, I want to use it for moon, planets, star gazing etc but i am also really interested in astrophotography. I've been looking at the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ or the 114EQ. Are there any other scopes you recommend? Budget wise I'm looking at around £200 if possible Really appreciate any help
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