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  1. Hi Bob that’s great thanks for the advice will take a look Matt
  2. Hi Neil my iPad Pro has a usb-c connector. I know Apple sell a usb to usb-c connector but just don’t know if for example a ZWO ASI 224MC Color Astronomy Camera would work through this so I can use an app to take video or phots
  3. Hi unfortunately I don’t. I would just be nice to connect a camera to my iPad Pro, through the usb-c connector rather than having to splash out on a laptop which I don’t currently have.
  4. The new iPad the new micro usb connector I know Apple sell usb to micro USB adapter just don’t know if a camera will work through this type of adapter
  5. Hi yes that’s what I’m struggling with they seem to be very scarce
  6. Hi yes I have seen this one, but has mixed reviews I was wondering if there were better quality cameras that I could hard wire connect to an iPad that would give better quality images.
  7. Hi, does anyone know of a camera I can use with my skywatcher 127 mak that I can connect to my iPad and takes photos or videos etc.
  8. Wow that’s a great photo I took one of the sun with my iPhone (attached) Looking forward to getting some photos of the moon I guess for the price of the Bresser I can swap and change them as and when. If I get get similar quality of the iPhone as an entry level I would be happy with it. Thanks again for replying Matt
  9. Ok that’s great I guess I want to get a cheaper one to start with to see how I get on. Do you think it would give better images than my iPhone or the same would be good enough. I have have the iPhone 10 so the camera is pretty good. thanks again for replying Matt
  10. Ah ok thanks for replying and letting me know. Do you know of any WiFi camera that would do the job as well?.
  11. Hi I am new to astronomy and currently use my iPhone with the nexyz phone holder to take photos but saw this WiFi camera the sme wifi spotting scope camera. has anyone used this for taking photos of the moon/sun stars etc. Is it worth the purchase?. I am using a skywatcher mak 127 regards Matt
  12. Hi I’m after some advice, I having been viewing the sun through my skymax127 mak with some great views but as soon as I set up my phone adapter for my iPhone I seem to get glare creeping into the view and the picture is not great quality. I normally can focus and get great results. I am using the Celestron 8-24mm zoom. I normally have it on 24mm but can’t seem to get good results. I’m not sure if I need to try and get the back end of the scope in shade for better pictures I have attached a photo of my set up and the quality of photo of the sun and a photo of what quality I can get. Any help/advice would be appreciated Matt
  13. That’s great thank you. I have borrowed a solar filter from a friend until I sort mine out. Yesterday I had some great views of the sun. Today is too cloudy at the moment which is typical. I also have the Celestron xyz mount for my iPhone but when I tried to take a photo it looks like I get glare etc which effects the photo. Normally the photos are excellent so do you think I need some form of sun shield for the back end of the scope to improve this?. Can anyone suggest anything or something that I’m doing wrong?.
  14. Hi George That’s brilliant I particularly like the foam filter I still have the original packaging so will definitely give that one a go it should also be a snug fit over the scope so no danger it if coming loose and falling off. really helpful thank you will send you some photos when I have made it to ‘compare notes’ Thanks again Matt
  15. That would be great Thankyou certainly a cheaper option and if it works as well why not Matt
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