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  1. That's awesome! What sort of exposure time is this? Sorry for all the questions
  2. Nice one! I don't suppose you have any images taken using the motor you'd be happy to share?
  3. My apologies, completely missed this reply! Have you had improved results over the last couple of months?
  4. Appreciate the reply! Do you know if it's possible to modify or change the focuser to help achieve prime focus?
  5. Hi Lockie, you responded on one of my topics recently, love the results you've got so far! I got the StarQuest 130p, I want to get this same motor drive. Do you think I can expect some similar results? Thanks
  6. My Starquest 130p arrived a couple of days ago, I don't have the motor yet, but if love to here how you get on with it!
  7. Thanks for your reply! Is it a specific type of camera I would need to use?
  8. I have just received my SkyWatcher StarQuest 130p, and I've had it in my head that I will get the RA Motor Drive to go along with it. The device has an ST4 port "for auto-guiding". I don't really understand what that means. Do I plug a cable from a computer into the motor to track stars more accurately?
  9. Thanks for this So in a nutshell should I stick with my phone for now and look at getting a DSLR in the future maybe? I'm not expecting some crazy images, I'd just like to be able to pull out some definition of some brighter DSO's
  10. It's an equatorial mount and I'm going to be buying the RA motor drive for tracking, so that should enable longer exposures? I have a Pixel 3XL (phone) and in the meantime plane to try and take some images using a camera app to shoot in RAW and try out the Astro-Mode. I don't have a webcam I could try out I'm afraid. Thanks!
  11. As far as I understand, in order to attach a DSLR to a SkyWatcher StarQuest 130p I'd need to add a 2x Barlow to reach focus. If instead I bought this cam: https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/bresser-mikrokular-full-hd-eyepiece-camera.html#SID=1712 would I negate the need for a barlow lens? And if so can it be used to capture longer exposures?
  12. From what I've read the StarQuest is just an upgraded version of the Explorer with a different mount and it's white not black
  13. That's really helpful, thanks! Really appreciate your timely response very much looking forward to the video!
  14. Hi! I've seen your videos, they are actually what helped me decide on this particular telescope! To be honest I've been unable to find much in terms of review, but thankfully yours was very insightful is that motor drive the one that fits all Starquest models? I commented on your video asking this in fact! would really love a review or overview of how it performs. It definitely seems like the next purchase on my list, apart from perhaps an eye piece at some point. Also, do you mean the 102R is a better set over the 130 reflector? I suppose that's subjective to the user and there uses? Thanks again!
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