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  1. Hi, Thank you all for your care, I just have found that this is a RJ45 board or wires damage. Most probably some parts should be replaced. We have not found the final resolution of the problem, but I saw that there is a problematic wire, touching which the goto stops. I will update here further progress.
  2. Sorry should I use wifi to connect to mount? The mount I have has no wifi enabled?
  3. I think this is a special cable yes? I have RJ45 serial to telescope cable only.
  4. Thanks, I have checked multiple times, and the long and lat coords are ok. Can this explain the tracking on during the alignment or infinite moving? I also have tried with windows app using direct pc mode, the issue is there.
  5. I have tried with voltage it shows 11.8V which seems OK. Is it possible that we are facing the firmware issues? Or may be the mount is damaged?
  6. Hello, I have tried with AA battery pak and with other adapter as well, behavior is not changed. Again when I do park the mount rolls forever. Just wondering if there is other idea? What can cause such issue. Manual moving using synscan pad works fine. The only issue is related to goto, tracking and parking the rest is working OK. And also during the alignment tracking is changing the telescope position after the star is centered. Not sure if this is OK. Thanks, Gevorg.
  7. Dear friends, Thank you, for quick response, let me test with AA batteries and I will let you know the result. It is late here today, but I will let you know tomorrow if the issue has gone.
  8. Thank you for quick response. Actually I am using an 12V power adapter. And seems that the date is set by synscan and it is proper.
  9. Hello! I am trying to setup the Skywatcher MC 102/1300 SkyMax BD AZ-S GoTo telescope+mount. What I did: Start from parking mode. The telescope is aligned to north. Turned it on and aligned with 2 stars. During the alignment the tracking is turning on all the time and moving the telescope position. Then when I try to go to some star the north/south motion never ends. While the East/West motion stops at right location. This is really wild to me. Can someone help with understanding what is the problem ? Thanks, Gevorg.
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