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  1. I received my 130PDS and EQ5 Pro mount before all the rain came last week. This is my first ever telescope. I managed to get first light with it last night on M13. 57x 15-second exposures at ISO 800 with Canon 600D. No flats or darks, as it completely skipped my mind at 1AM as I was packing away! Learn for next time! I'm really happy with my first attempt! Just shows what a little gem this scope can be!
  2. I would be interested it in attending. I've just started and would be good to learn some hints and tips from the professionals!
  3. Hi, Yes, I'm interesting in joining the WolvAS as soon as this lockdown is over. Turns out reading on stargazers lounge has made me change my mind on scope. I've decided to get the 130PDS to better suit the EQ5 Pro mounts' weight limit.
  4. Hi all, sorry about dragging this topic up from 3 years ago! During this lockdown we're all now facing, I've recently gotten back into Astronomy, and focusing more on astrophotography. I'm in the process of purchasing a SkyWatcher Explorer 150PDS on a EQ5 Pro mount to start off with. It's been a while since the last post in this discussion, and I wondered if anybody knows of any decent sites for astronomy and possible group meetings. I'm based in Sedgley; between Dudley and Wolverhampton, but willing to travel if there are any sites that a couple of people are open to travelling to.
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