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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding...I do intend to up date this site as regularly as is possible. Nice to hear you enjoyed the visit...we shopuld plan a SGL trip to the obbsy
  2. This is seriously bothering me too. My first option was the paramount ME, but they have stopped production until september 2012...aarrghhh and then AP go and stop the 1200..after I have just raised the funds for the 16" LX and a new mount. Needed them both in place for BBC 4 filming at the observatory in August..Now Im stuck for the mount. The problems buying second hand kit are obvious and my funders would string me up if I did...the 1600 seems overkill for what I need it for and at a tasty price too.
  3. well done.. I remember my first object I ever imaged,,,,welcome to the dark side
  4. Hi All, Gary Fildes here, been getting nudged to make an appearance so I fully intend to. Lost touch with a lot of my old friends and value the wealth of knowledge out there...so Hi:hello2: Im back...
  5. Hi All, Gary Fildes here from Kielder Obs...I have been getting nudgedd quite a lot to make an appearance on here, so I have, anyway I am considering a good "live" camera for the observatory and would like to know what the consensus is for one against the other. My thoughts are the Mintron 12V6HC-EX -or- the Watec 120N. The Watec looks and sounds far superior but at three times the price I would expect this...any thoughts..it would be used with a 16" Lx on a paramount ME. Or a 100mm triplet, piggybacked on the LX
  6. We are having a few talks during the weekend Dr Jugen Schmoll will be doing his bit as well as Paul Buglass from York , green witch will be selling astro kit along with, astrodevelopments and astronomiser, Like Kev said its a low key affair but still plenty to do. Looking forward to seeing you all again, Dont mention the weather OR ELSE YOU CAN ALL XUXK OFF :nono: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :)
  7. Hi All, Gary Fildes here, I am new to this forum, and I thought id introduce myself. I co-organise the Kielder Star camp in Autumn, and wholly in Spring. I will visit this site on a regular basis to answer any Qs you may have. I have to say what a contribution the Scots make to the event, well done to you all for supporting the event . Also numbers never exceed the AUTUMN EVENT in SPRING, however we wont be far off so I for one am looking forwrd to another well attended event. See you all soon
  8. ,, Well poor Kev fending all you lot off single handed!! what a trooper..... Gary Fildes here, good to see we have plenty of interest amongst you all still, Jamie looking forward to seeing you mate , oh and leave the torch at home please :shock: , Seriously though guys it is looming again so spread the word and have a rally round, the numbers are going well and we should have a good turnout :sunny:, however the more the merrier I say... Any of you lot up to do a talk??? let me know as Im about to set the speakers up.. Oh and Hello
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