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  1. Yes it is a good idea, it would need to a reasonable height for an 8"??? Although I would still like to keep costs down. I have budget which is kinda getting eaten up with the telescope already and not much wiggle room for a separate shed unfortunately.
  2. I have my own decent sized back garden that I could leave it in.
  3. Many thanks for the replies. Really appreciated. It is giving me food for thought. I am thinking the same in that if I have to take it outside all the time I am less likely to use it. I only have one exit from my flat so with no back door it means having to carry it about 20m before getting started. It's no big deal but I know it will start to bug me then I will not use it.
  4. Hi guys, Where do you store you telescope? Can you leave it in the garden under a cover or would that affect it? The reason I ask is that I am looking at a Dobsonian and I was wondering if I would have to bring inside or put it in the shed afterwards every night? Tia Mikey
  5. I stay on the outskirts of a small town and relatively quite close to the countryside. Hi Steve, yes that is correct. Ian has been great and yes I probably was not clear on what I wanted to hopefully achieve since I was unsure as to what some telescopes are capable of. Apologies for that.
  6. My bad. I agree with buying from a known source especially since it is a lot of money. I have been in talks with FLO about a telescope and they have suggested a AZ Gti, Astro Fi and a refractor. However from my limited knowledge I don't think any of them will be great for DSO's but I could be wrong.
  7. I understand the principal but not how you would put it into practise. My eye is not bad but even seeing stars in the sky with the naked eye is tough. How do you know where to point it with the Rigel? I am probably asking this in the wrong thread and sub forum. Sorry.
  8. I found a 8" Bresser on eBay that is brand new for just less than £370, it seems like a good deal.
  9. Are all Barlow's the same essentially or are some of them not so good? The second filter is now cheap!!! I suppose the best thing to do is see how me and the family feel without one first. Thanks for all the help and advice, it is greatly appreciated.
  10. You've opened a can of worms with binoculars now lol I have 4 telescopes to choose from, Skymax 127, Celestron 4SE, Bresser 8" and the 200P. I hate making decisions!!! Especially if there are similar items the same.
  11. They are pretty decent images from 200P. Is that using the standard eyepiece?
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