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  1. Hello, I was wondering if a 2kg telescope would be good for a heq5 mount, i am worried that the counter weight Will over power the telescope an the whole thing Will be unbalanced. P. S im looking for a resonnly cheap HEQ5 goto mount if any one knows where to get one. Thanks, Lucas
  2. Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys know a place to buy a HEQ5 mount for a cheap price about £600. Thanks Lucas
  3. Ok thanks for the advice i Will be sure to do lots of reaserch and be careful While buying the mount
  4. The only problem is that i dont have enough money for a goto HEQ5 goto mount and a telescope that would balance out the mount
  5. So you're saying that it would be better to GE a HEQ5 goto mount rather than the Eq3 mount?
  6. I currently have an sky watcher EQ-2 mout, my telescope is a reflector
  7. I live in Scotland ant i want the mount to look at Deep sky objects but graduly progres i to astrophotography
  8. Hello I was wondering if it would be Worth buying a motorised mount but sińce it is mosty cloudy through out the year where I live i was wondering if i should buy the mount or not. Thanks Lucas
  9. Hi, I was wondering how much can an EQ-2 mount carry because have found a good telescope and i wieghts 4.54Kg but i am wondering if my mount can hold that much weight, Lucas
  10. Hello, I am wondering weather i should invest in an motorised mount or buy the equipment to motorised my mount that i have now. Lucas
  11. Hello i a wondering if my telescope that has an Eq2 mount, fit on a Eq5 mount Lucas
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