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  1. Hi Not yet. But that could be done. Could you tell me what capture software provides TIFF images ? clear skies !
  2. Some news : ALS v0.7-alpha2 is out ! Just needs a few little cleanups before an official v0.7 release. What's new since we last spoke : switchable night mode switchable 'save on stop' mode allow manual choice of Bayer pattern for demosaicing Various eye candy and stability stuff This was made possible by the feedback you guys gave us. This is MUCH appreciated Test away => https://als-app.org/assets/releases/v0.7-alpha2/ Thanks again and clear skies to all
  3. Hi again Your system is quite low on memory and you seem to have put your third image into the scan folder before the second image finished its trip down the processing pipeline. Please make sure you Stacker worker is done before copying a new image into the scan_folder. You can tell it is done when its Status indicator does not read 'busy' as shown below : But those crashes should not happen anyway. We'll take care of it. Thanks again for taking the time to test & report
  4. Many thanks You seem to be triggering one of the very few real issues we need to solve : If images arrive into the scan folder faster than ALS can process them, the Stacker component sometimes end up dying and erratic behaviour occurs. I suggest you try and lengthen the time interval between 2 shots. 2 seconds is way to small, for big DSLR frames on your system. When ALS is made robust enough in that regard, this workaround will be useless. But for now, this is the only way. Thanks for your time, @Bill S
  5. hi @Bill S First of all, thanks for trying it out and reporting. Slow to start : Indeed, until we have a proper installer (expected in a couple weeks) slow startup is expected. Did you have any warnings in the session log that could help us diagnose your issue ? The best way to help us help you, is to : enable 'debug logs' in the preferences screen (at the bottom) restart ALS reproduce the issue with the same CR2 files close ALS Grab the file named 'als.log' located in your home directory and attach it here. That would allow us to pinpo
  6. Hi A quick video introducing ALS was put up : Made in the morning, maybe a bit to early
  7. @stash_old I wanted to thank you for your contributions : you pointed out several issues we overlooked. It is sometimes easy to get sort of trapped in one's habits. And having you taking the time to test ALS with your frames and own user ways allowed us to improve things and fix others. This is highly appreciated.
  8. Thanks. I'll have a look at Jocular for sure ! And sure : why not benefit from each-other's findings ! Regarding image capture, we strongly think about having ALS work as an INDI client so it can talk to most imaging hardware out there, without relying on any other third party. More on this in a little while PEACE
  9. Manual selection of pattern to use for debayering is implemented Will be published in next nightly build Test at will !
  10. .fts file extension handling is now fixed But @stash_old, don't be mad. ALS still cannot process your good M31 frames. Your FITS file does not contain the header describing the CFA pattern used by your camera. And ALS still does not provide the user with the ability to specify one. See : https://github.com/gehelem/als/issues/113 Thanks for helping us with your tests and reports
  11. .fts issue recorded as https://github.com/gehelem/als/issues/118
  12. Hi again, How can it be confusing ?The very first line describing ALS features on the website states as follow : "ALS polls a folder on your machine and aligns + stacks any new picture saved into that folder." If this is not clear enough, I'll think of a better way to phrase it. Regarding the issue on the FITs file you provided, this will be fixed by tomorrow. We determine file types by their name extension, and '.fts' is obviously handled incorrectly. Thanks for pointing it out
  13. Hi again So we went from to Would you mind confirming if CR2 are actually correctly read by ALS on your system (which I assume is win10) ? Regarding the feature you are referring to, indeed, that would be nice, when and if ALS is made to handle already-populated folders. You are welcome to file an issue on our issue tracker for that matter. Thanks again for your time & efforts -- Fred
  14. Hi As stated on ALS website : https://als-app.org/ : ALS is meant to support quite recent camera RAW files. Complete list is here : https://www.libraw.org/supported-cameras. And yes, sorry, CR3 files are not yet supported. See : https://github.com/gehelem/als/issues/95 So it seems you just found a bug, which is a good thing. Would you be kind enough to provide the following information so we can investigate and solve the issue : - Operating system's name and version - what version of ALS you got that bug with : Version is displayed in the about box. *in case of a n
  15. Lucky you Thanks for the welcome
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