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  1. Hello, I got the telescope for a very good discount (new). It cost me 160 euros. I wouldn't recommend it for 300 euros. I would recommend this scope only if you can get it under 200 euros. For 300 euros I would recommend the SkyWatcher Heritage 150P, or some other 130mm to 150mm telescope. About getting new eyepieces, no its not necessary. But I do recommend you replace them when you can, the views are noticeably better even with relatively cheap plossl eyepieces.
  2. I like using Star Chart on my android. It has some very nice features that most other apps don't have. I suggest you try it out.
  3. Thanks for your comment @Philip R. About the eyepiece upgrades, i already got 4. They are celestron omni plossl eyepieces, 15mm, 9mm, 6mm and a 2x barlow. I got them for about 12 Euro's a piece. The views are noticeably better and the field of view is bigger then with the ones that came with the scope.I would love to later upgrade to ones with better eye relief but I think these are good enough for now. In the near future i am looking to get a solar filter, so any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Hi everyone, about a month ago i got my first telescope. Wasn't sure what to get but i wanted something portable and easy to setup and use. After some internet "research" i decided to go for a refractor on a manual alt/az mount. The telescope was on a 50% sale so i decided to go for it , the Meade infinity 90. The package: The scope came in one big box, everything was inside. Included was the optical tube, the mount, 3 eyepieces (6.3mm, 9mm and 26mm), a 2x barlow lens, 90 degree diagonal, red dot finder, an eyepiece holder for the mount and a few manuals. The optical tube:
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