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  1. Had a issue with my HEQ5 pro last night, working fine then suddenly started making a awfull noise, see video below. Any ideas what it might be? 20200720_094448.mp4
  2. It was 60 10 second frames again at ISO 800. I think the focus is better this time as well but the main improvement definatly comes from the upgrade in scope size.
  3. managed to get this of M13 with my new 200p scope and smart phone
  4. a picture of the Bode Galaxy and the Cigar galaxy using my Samsung galaxy S Plus. certinly needed more exposure but still impressed I managed to get it at all
  5. It's a 25mm wide field. No filters. So nothing fancy. Amazing what you can get with even basic stuff.
  6. wonderful clear skies tonight so had a go at M13 with my smartphone again. can clearly out the main center of the cluster as well as HIP 8184 at the top and HIP 81673 on the bottom left. roughly 10 minuets of exposure over 60 frames ISO 800. amazing what you can get with a phone most people have in their pockets.
  7. its out of focus and had to zoom into the final photo to get a better view of M92 but its mine and I took it so chuffed with myself. 1st attempt at astrophotography of a deep sky object. took 30 10 second exposures and stacked them to make the final. unfortunately I appear to have been slightly out of focus and needed to use a higher magnification eye piece so I don't have to zoom in afterwards. taken on a smart phone attached to a sky watcher 130p. can I hope for much better with a smart phone or do I really need to jump in and get a DSLR?
  8. Does anyone know if the crew dragon launch will be visible over the UK 20 mins after launch like the last star link launch was? I would love to try and get some images of it passing over.
  9. Managed to get a photo of M39 and the summer behive cluster with my smartphone using a 130mm skywatcher. Used the phones own camera software but has anyone got any android compatible apps that may be worth a look at for me?
  10. I have recently bought a EQ3 pro motorised mount for my 130m skywatcher reflector. The mount works very well but my question is, what is the largest size reflector a EQ3 mount can handle as I am looking at perhaps upgrading the telescope in the near future. Thanks
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