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  1. Just posted on the equipment help board. Regarding the mag after reading the eyepieces board it suggests that 133x is the most you want to go. I'm starting to think that you certainly need more than this for planets.
  2. Hi Guys Got my first chance to test out my 13mm ethos eyepiece out last night. Love the wide views and its great to have more mag but a wider field than the 20mm plossl. Just wondering though if anyone else gets blackouts on this. It's getting better the more I view but unless I stay fixed in the right position the view partially blacks out. Is this the kidney bean effect?
  3. Yeah i looked at the beehive cluster and that was awesome. Might just be my weird eyes!
  4. I was looking last night and could only see 2 also at 69x mag. Need more high power eyepieces to see more.
  5. Hi Guys Got my first chance to test the eyepiece out last night. Love the wide views and its great to have more mag but a wider field than the 20mm plossl. Just wondering though if anyone else gets blackouts on this. It's getting better the more I view but unless I stay fixed in the right position the view partially blacks out. Is this the kidney bean effect? All I need now is a powermate because saturn still looks very small at 69x. I reckon a wide field piece and a high mag eyepiece and I should be good.
  6. have you got a link to this review. I wouldn't mind reading it again and I cant find it. Regarding aperture - that can come later!!! As I see it eyepices when bought correctly should last a lifetime. Telescopes may change. I live in a light polluted area so I thought the contrast of the refractor would be the best solution as well as giving me a degree of portability. I also thought it was a telescope that I will never want to get rid of. I am thinking of getting a TAL 200k though in the next year or so if the hobby progresses. Seems to be a good option because of the fast cool down due to the open design. I've been reading comments regarding compound telescopes taking hours to reach ambient temperature which puts me off. A big Dob maybe one day! The eyepiece should arrive anytime soon! Can't wait! should be quite a leap going from a 20mm plossl!
  7. I might buy it then!!! LOL Is the Nagler 31mm the best low power ep availiable? I was thinking about getting a 38mm skywatcher panaview later in life which seems to be a very good price for the money. I might have read your post pvaz actually and I also read a comparison on a webpage where it compared it to the pentax. cant wait to look through it and see what all the fuss is about!
  8. God I think I would be bankrupt LOL! I looked at the Naglers but I've read about this so called kidney bean effect which I was a bit worried about. Having never looked through any other eyepiece other than the 20mm plossl that came with my scope. I think I need to go to a star party!!
  9. Thanks guys. Ive been doing some research ever since I got my Celestron ED100 about 2 weeks ago. I used the sky at night FOV calculator to see what the results were and was impressed to see that I get a much higher mag and a wider FOV than the plossl that came with the scope. The focal length of my scope is 9 so with this eyepeice i get a mag of 69x and the only object i wont get fully in the fov is M31. I plan on getting a 2x powermate to give me a mag of 139x which according to the 'which eyepiece' guide on here is as far as I should go. My idea with this buy was to do everything with the one eyepiece and a powermate ALTHOUGH I KNOW I AM ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE!!! LOL. We will see. I thought I might as well get the best and if it doesnt work out I can always sell it on for pretty much what I paid for it. Im trying to cheat really and do what I want to do with the smallest amount of quality eyepieces possible.
  10. They seemed to be going for £350 on here so that was what I was prepared to go to. Ive only just started this astronomy thing and I realised I needed some decent eyepieces fast. My telescope only came with a 20mm plossl.
  11. Welcome me to the ethos club guys! £336
  12. God they hold value well.
  13. Umm interesting. How much is this actually worth in reality terms? I know a new one is £450
  14. WHHHHOOOO BABY!!! First night of astronomy. Its brilliant! There are so many more stars!! Just been looking at mars although its rather small as I only have 45x mag at the moment because I haven't bought any other eyepieces yet. Thanks for all your help guys!!!
  15. Hi Guys Just did a bit more playing around and I think Ive got it. It seems quite secure now although I am still a bit skeptical to be honest. I just wanted to make sure it was right as I am new to all of this. I didn't want the telescope falling to its doom LOL. Thanks guys.
  16. Yep this is what I thought but it doesnt seem very sturdy. There are no holes or relief in the clam shell dovetail for tightening screws into so when you do tighten it makes dents into the metal. Surely this is not right or is it? Are these 2 screws tightened onto a piece of metal with no relief mean't to hold the telescope in place? You probably already know this but there are 2 screws in the head of the CG5 - One big perpendicular one and a smaller one at 45 degrees. These fit into the other trapezoidal metal perfectly so you can't move it.
  17. Hi & thanks for responding. You cant remove them because they are part of the tube clamp.
  18. Hi Guys Ive just got my new telescope today which is a Celestron C100ED refractor complete with CG5 mount . Set it all up and then when it comes to put the telescope on the mount Im perplexed. Im either really stupid or a piece of kit that I need is missing. Anyway the telescope comes with a tube holder with 3 metal strips on the bottom (dovetail?). The middle one is thick and has 3 screwholes while the outer 2 create a trapeziodal shape. The telescope also came with another piece of trapezoidal metal which fits to the mount perfectly when screwed into the head. Anyway the problem im having is regarding this piece of metal. Is this supposed to be screwed into the bottom of the telecope tube holder? I hope this makes sense but there are no further screws. I put the telescope directly on the mount using the tube holder fixing but it definitely did not seem right. I hope this makes sense. Please help, the sky is clear outside and I wanted to do some viewing!!!!
  19. Hi Guys Thanks for the responses. I'm glad everyone thinks its a good choice! Its been sent out today. Welcome the the world of cold nights and frustration!
  20. Hi Guys I've done alot of thinking and completely out of the blue I have ordered a Celestron C100-ED Refractor telescope inc CG5 Mount. I decided that the price was too good to refuse for a 4" ED refractor. It solves all the problems that you guys were talking about regarding colour abberation so I should be getting some pretty good sights through my scope. I also decided that GOTO wasn't really a good idea once I had researched it in more detail. I thought It better to have a proper equatorial mount and I didn't see the point seeing as you had to allign it and point it at objects anyway. With this mount I can always upgrade to GOTO later using the EQ5 upgrade kit. It also seems like a telescope that I will want to keep for a very long time. I decided that I can get a light bucket of some kind later. For my back garden in a light polluted area I thought this was perfect as my first scope and I can focus on the moon and planets as its an ED refractor and have the wide field for those big DSO's. The fainter ones I would have trouble seeing anyway. I've got a lot of learning to do now and I can't wait. Ive been looking forward to this for the past 6 months since I started to take an interest. I hope I have made a good decision!
  21. Hi As someone who owns both scopes your opinion is very important as you can provide a direct comparison. If you were placed back in time knowing what you know now which scope would you say was better for the beginner. Also can I also ask that if you had to give up one scope tomorrow which would it be?
  22. Hi Guys Thanks for all the responses. I don't want a reflector due to portability issues and the lack of goto. There is a 130mm GOTO relector but I dont see the point in getting this when you can get a 127mm mak for a bit more. Alot of you guys are leaning towards the mak. I suppose the only thing that puts me off is the fact that to get the wide field of view I want I might have to purchase an adaptor and a 2" diagonal with a 38mm ep. But then again you get that zoom power that the refractor lacks. I think I'm going to have to do a bit more thinking!
  23. Hi Guys Thanks for all the advice. It seems that the majority of you are thinking that the skymax 127 mak is the way to go which is against what I was originally thinking. How bad is colour abberation. I have never looked through a telescope so is this really a major issue or just a bit annoying? Does anybody think that the refractor is the better choice? Like Rui said though if I really enjoy myself I can get big light gathering later but I want something to start off with that is small and portable that I will be able to use for a lifetime. This is very confusing!
  24. I was originally thinking of going with the MAk but then the following came into my thinking. I am worried that the focal length on the Mak 127 is too high and the field of view too narrow. You can always use a Barlow for more magnification power if required. The difference in aperture is partially negated by the fact that the refractor is an efficient design whereas the skymax has a central restriction (maybe upto 25%?) which reduces the light capture to a much more similar level as the refractor. The refractor will have higher contrast which I would imagine to be an advantage in light polluted areas. The refractor is nearly 100 quid cheaper and I wouldn’t have any further expense buying converters to accept 2” eyepieces or focal reducers. The refractor will cool down to the ambient temperature quicker than the Mak. I’m only just getting into this so please forgive me if I am a bit naive. I really appreciate your help. I looked into getting a dob but the lack of portability and the collamination stuff put me off as a beginner. I really just want a telescope I can lug around, will work straight out of the box and it will point to the objects I want to see without messing around. Power can wait till later if you know what I mean. Let me know what you think?
  25. Hi I'm brand new to the forums and I am looking at getting my first telescope. I was wondering what you guys thought about these 2 telescopes? I have done a bit of research and found that the SkyWatcher Startravel AZ GOTO 102mm Refractor Telescope seems to be a good choice and the other I was considering was the SkyWatcher Skymax 127 AZ GOTO Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope. Which would you guys recommend? I would like to observe both wide field views and close ups of planets so i am edging towards the refractor due to the short focal length. I live in the city so I get a fair amount of light pollution. Which would operate best in light polluted areas? I am new to all this and am very confused. If you choose to respond may I thank you for your help.
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