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  1. All in all sounds like a productive night @johnoelliott. I am afraid I do not have any advice about the auto focus in NINA but also interested as this is one facet of my own imaging I have yet to setup. It is not quite as important for me as it appears as though my LRGB and Ha filters have focus parity - very lucky given they have different manufacturers.
  2. Clear here currently. Cooled, setup , focused and ready to press go when nautical darkness comes in 20 minutes. With a bit of luck I'll get an hour or two of Ha on North American. It could well be an early retirement like last night though and there is a bit of a breeze.
  3. Camera rotator to replace the 2" clamp on my Evostar 72ED and go between scope and flattener.
  4. High on my wants list (potentially next month) to give me an additional FOV imaging.
  5. 8 mins into my first ever 600 Ha sub (North American Nebula) and the cloud rolls in and boy has it rolled in!! CO has changed to account for this cloud where MO has it clear till 4am. I'll hold off until midnight before calling it a night. To find a positive - appears as though by a random stroke of luck my Altair LRGB filters have the same focus as my Baader Ha filter!
  6. Some promise for this evening despite the lunar cycle coming into play. Still a long day at the 'office' so the rig is out and cooling and hoping for my first Ha subs.
  7. Yes indeed upside down rather than back to front but useful to know back to front matters. My LRGB filets are Altair Astro set came in a deal with the camera. Would be good to have a wheel full of Baader though. The Ha arrives tomorrow and I'll keep an eye on stock of the other NB. Probably be a month or two before I invest in the Baader LRGB but they are on my (long) wants list! Really pleased with the Starlight Xpress filter wheel. Seems to be wonderful build quality.
  8. @MarkAR, thank you for the advice re Baader filters. I attempted to source a narrowband set but they seem to be as rare as hens teeth currently with no UK stock at dealers or the distributor and apparently no stock at the factory in Germany. I have managed to order a Baader 7nm Ha filter and I will be content with imaging in LRBG+Ha until UK stock is available on OIII and SII. I will also look to replace my LRGB filters with Baader moving forward as I believe it is very useful to have matched filters for focus?
  9. With the correct spacers to maintain back focus and a new T2 faceplate, I have the new filter wheel fitted. Had to mount it upside down - luckily filters have no correct way up!! Ordered a right angle usb cable for the guidescope.
  10. Some promise this evening (wind withstanding) so the rig is out and cooling.
  11. I am technically in Bortle 5 on the edge of Bortle 4 but have a well lit dual carriageway within 100 yards west and very few houses then fields then the sea eastward. I can literally see a LP gradient above my head. Suffice to say I rarely do anything visual to the west of zenith and enjoy what feels like Bortle 3 at 45 degrees to east.
  12. Well it is 95% clear here now, just as predicted but only just. Had a shower where I rushed the rig in and another close call! The wind, however, is quite high and I am content in adding to my mono darks library. I need quite a few sets, both 1x1 (300, 600) and 2x2 (75, 150) binned so will see how many of these sets I can get before say 3:30am. At least with the mini PC behaving faultlessly I am tucked up in the warm. Quick question which I believe I know the answer to but ... I assume I will have to rebuild my Canon 600D darks library when it comes back form astro modding?
  13. Would this set be OK as a starter set Mark? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/narrowband/baader-narrowband-ccd-emission-line-h-alpha-filters-125.html (the £264 set). I appreciate they won't be any where as near as good as £200 or even £500 each.
  14. Good evening. I might setup later for 2x2 binned flats and darks with the added possibility of a couple of hours of lights!
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