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  1. I got 23 last night but I'm not sure how accurate this survey will be. One of my friends and my brother were there too and their counts were 8 and 10. I think eyesight may play more of a part than light pollution!
  2. Don't know what kind of scope you are using but I believe the horsehead nebula is mainly a photo only target. The 'cotton wool ball' could be Andromeda or more specifically the core of Andromeda, in my 100mm refractor under dark skies I can make out a fainter much larger patch around the core, too big to fit into the view at 45x. I think you need more like 8"+ to see any more detail on it. I find the setting circles on my CG-5 mount are accurate enough to get the object I am looking for somewhere in the view finder, I use them all the time. HTH
  3. Interesting, I expect it does time you out but your browser remembers your credentials so you can get back in again.
  4. Star hoping classic Its thick cloud here and xcweather.co.uk is reading 0% cloud pretty much all weekend too
  5. Dunno if its the best thing to do but I certainly do the old ctrl+a ctrl+c before submitting a long post I think they have set the timeout a little bit low on this forum but nm. Usually I can get the post back again though without needing to paste it, what browser are you using?
  6. This may be a stupid quesiton but something that has always puzzled me about optics is why the image needs to be upside-down and back-to-front. My understanding is that the lens at the aperture causes the light to converge in a cone shape, the light is then allowed to cross-over before reaching the eye piece lens, which makes the edges of the light cone become parallel again. .......___ aperture \..../ .\../ ..\/___ cross-over ../\ ___ eye piece .|.| ___ eye here What I don't understand is why the eye piece lens can't just cause the light to diverge before it reaches the point of
  7. British weather plugin, excellent! I would like a plugin that lets me make a 'shopping list' of things to see and prints it out as a list with the coordinates etc.
  8. Enjoyed the post, but wait... Now you've gone too far!
  9. Thanks for all the advice! I think getting the AZ-4 or the Giro is pushing things a bit out of my price range! £130 is probably the limit leaving around £50 for the mount If this isn't do-able I will probably just go with the EQ1. The Redsnapper tripods look promising but the comment about tripods being difficult to use is off-putting. Which would you pick given the situation? Or are there any more suggestions... That's a sweet setup btw, Russ, I am very envious
  10. We took our scope on holiday with us last year and while it was fun it sure takes up a lot of room so I was considering getting a StarTravel 80 for grab and go and holidays and such. I was wondering what the best way to mount it might be. On FLO it comes OTA only or with an EQ1 mount. I think an EQ mount would be overkill, it would take longer to set up and be heavier since it would have counterweights etc. Is it possible to just use a fluid head tripod like you use with camcorders etc? If so, how do you attach the dovetail plate to it? Would something cheap like this do? Pro Heavy Duty
  11. The important thing is that no one on here is looking back
  12. I was always interested in space as a child but never got a telescope or anything. Then last year someone gave us a free telescope (only a cheap one but I wasn't complaining ) We managed to catch sight of Saturn and I was hooked so I unloaded my savings into an ED refractor and haven't looked back. Now if someone could just invent a weather machine...
  13. First clear night I've been able to go out with the scope in about two months and the moon was out in force. Nevermind its great just to be able to get out there and see something Bagged my first sight of the Orion Nebula and even with the moon right next to it it was a beauty. I can't wait to see it again with dark skies. I took a look at Andromeda too, and that looked pretty boring compared to when I've seen it before with dark skies so I think the Orion Nebula will be fantastic! I started stargazing last year in April and it was also nice to see some of my old friends like Gemini
  14. I use the setting circles on my CG-5 mount everytime. It is much easier to quickly note down some coordinates from stellarium than it is to learn to star hop to each object you want to see in a session. I couldn't find any DSOs until I started using the setting circles tbh. I prefer to spend my time looking at my target rather than searching for it
  15. Increments of ten? Hmm that probably explains it my DEC wheel has increments of 2 and my RA wheel 10 minutes IIRC...
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