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  1. I have to fund my kayak hobby...so sadly my telescope is for sale: Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250px 10" Dobsonian Telescope + Eye pieces, Barlow, Filter | eBay Will be buying another soooooon I'm sure!
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    Welcome, hope you enjoy the journey
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    That sounds a cool subject! welcome.
  4. That was my best meteor shower viewing yet. I was only out a short while and saw about 15-20 meteors, including a large blue one and a big green fireball shooting down towards the horizon at around 11:00 ish. Green fireball #3 this year!
  5. Could well have been. I spotted 2 last night amongst the 15-20 other meteors A great Geminids shower. I saw a blue one going almost straight down to the horizon and then a bit later a massive green one shooting straight down to the horizon...was big and low this one.
  6. Thanks for all your comments. It was very lucky that all this happened in front of the camera. I think once in a while we capture something unique...and the other 99.9% of the time we miss it!
  7. Hi I saw a couple last night. One quick normal one at around 9:30pm last night...and then at around 10:20pm also in southerly direction a massive green fireball too!!! It had a great burning trail. This is my second green fireball sighting. My previous one was the best, but this one was sill amazing. I'm in Northamptonshire.
  8. ...the Police come rushing in! SO...tonight was interesting! I chose a location to capture 1 hour of exposures. I planned to get a mix of star trails and cars driving by on the road. Just something new. What happened turned out to be more interesting! The police arrived as a "suspicious character" was sitting on a bench in the dark...Me! The police chaps were very friendly, and discovered I was just taking photos. We chatted briefly about photography and such, and apologised for getting in the way of my shots! Really I was excited to see what I had captured. Upon flicking through my shots to
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